Stupid is what stupid does
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Dear Editor:

Are the American people stupid? Why did they re-elect Roosevelt four times when he presided over the Great Depression for eight years - the eight years before we entered into World War Two.

When he was elected there were 11,586,000 unemployed. In 1939, seven years later when the war struck in Europe, there were still 11,396,000 persons unemployed.

When he was elected in 1932, there were 4,155,000 households with 16,620,000 persons on relief. In 1939, seven years later, there were 4,227,000 households with 19,648,000 persons on relief.

The thing that saved us from a continuation of the Great Depression was that we won the war and the rest of the world was a mess. More importantly, we had better leadership immediately following the war.

I ask again, why did the American people re-elect Roosevelt three times with such a disastrous record? Well, as bad as he was in handling the economy that’s how good he was at conning the voters. He ran against Hover each time and he blamed Hoover over and over each time for his failures. Does that sound familiar?

We are now facing the re-election of another loser who has followed Roosevelt’s moves exactly. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Are we going to reproduce the Great Depression by believing that Obama will do anything different then he has done in the last four years?

Stupid is what stupid does

John Procida


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