Superintendent charged with robbing tenants
by Heather Senison
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A superintendent in a Maspeth apartment building was arrested last week for allegedly robbing thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry from tenants while they were out running errands and away on vacation.

Almir Radoncic, 26, was arrested on the morning of Tuesday, June 21, and charged with burglary, according to police.

Tenants in the building on 65th Place said their belongings were disappearing for three years, and that they blamed visitors and each other for the thefts.

One elderly tenant, Mary Neuweiler, did not know her jewelry was missing until detectives came to her door holding it, she said. The police told her that a clerk at a local pawnshop reported the serial number to Tiffany’s Inc. and learned that it was stolen jewelry, she said.

When asked how she felt about having someone in her apartment without her permission she said, “pretty rotten.” Neuweiler is still missing jewelry, including two expensive bracelets, she said.

“Every time he did something for me I gave him money, and he stole my jewelry,” Neuweiler, who moved into the building in 1960 and said she has no plans to move out, said.

Another tenant, who chose to withhold his name, said he gave Radoncic Christmas bonuses, let him borrow his car, and took him to a Yankees game.

“I was very good to him,” the tenant said.

The tenant said he had been suspicious recently because Radoncic failed to fix the deadbolt lock to his apartment during the last six months. He had thousands of dollars in white gold jewelry and cash go missing from his apartment during the years Radoncic was his superintendent, but he trusted the man so he did not think he could be a robber, the tenant said.

He also has not heard from the management company, Paro Managment Company Inc. in Great Neck, but is consulting his lawyer on how to proceed with pressing charges. When he called the management office to complain about Radoncic’s failure to fix his deadbolt, “they said we’re not responsible and we’re sorry,” he said.

“I feel a little better now because we know who did it,” he said, but added he is still weary about security in the building. That said, the tenant of 14 years has no plans to move out.

Another tenant, who also wished to remain anonymous, said her husband’s wedding band and $300 in cash went missing while her family was on vacation in Europe in May.

When the family returned, neighbors told her the superintendent had been in her apartment. When she confronted Radoncic, he told her he was checking for water damage from a burst pipe. However, she said when she asked her neighbors about the pipe, they said there was no such incident.

The tenant feels “vandalized and victimized,” she said. “It’s a really horrible situation.”

At the time of the interviews, the tenants said they had not heard from the building’s management, but that the locks to their apartments had been changed. The lock to the building was not changed because Radoncic’s family still lived on the first floor.

A representative from Paro Management declined to comment on the robberies.
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