Surprise! Marty shows up in Queens
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For us here at Pol Position, Marty Markowitz is the only Brooklyn borough president we've ever known, so we don't really know how previous presidents of Kings County compare to Marty Mark's tireless and indefatigable promotion of the borough, but we have to imagine that they can't. Compare, that is.

So we've come pretty desensitized to random Markowitz sightings, where the beep just shows at places he wasn't expected to offer congratulations to a new business owner, hand out a surprise proclamation to an accomplished artist, or just show up to join in the fun.

Sure, there are still many a doe-eyed reporter or intern that gets up the courage to come to Pol Position's dank basement offices, risking pneumonia to share their latest sighting of Marty Markowitz, thinking that we might want to put it into one of our columns.

It always with a little bit of sadness and a whole lot of macho bravado that we send them back upstairs in a show of fury, screaming things like “Don't tell us how to do our job!”; “Do we come to your desk and crap all over it?”; or “Come back when you've got a real tip, and bring Night Train Express Wine Coolers and some of those new Chili & Cheese Ruffles, we're hungry and feeling brave!”

No, random Marty Markowitz sightings and the beep's always entertaining quotes don't pack quite the same punch for our jaded souls.

But we got to tell you, the last random Marty Markowitz sighting nearly floored even us hardened faux political reporters. Last week, we got a report from a hungry penny-a-liner who was sent to cover the opening of a new Fairway supermarket in Douglaston, Queens.

Turns out the reporter tried to cut out of the ceremony a little bit early, but Fairway security wouldn't let him leave the way he came in, and instead directed him to a exit on the other side of the store. Well, the new Fairway is quite large and the reporter wandered around, and turned a corner and who should he see standing there among the produce? None other than Marty Markowitz!

Apparently, Markowitz just wanted to come out to the far end of Queens for the opening of the new Fairway. “When it comes to foodies, we don't know borough boundaries!” he told our reporter.

Markowtiz, who said he shopped at the Fairway in Red Hook twice a week with his wife, she picking out the produce, meat, and seafood and he handling the canned goods, then congratulated the borough of Queens on their first Fairway.

So that explains it.

Actually, it doesn't explain anything. What the heck was Markowitz doing in Douglaston at 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Did he really just want to come see a new Fairway? He wasn't even anywhere near the official ribbon-cutting ceremony, he was just hanging out in the aisles. (And was apparently quite a hit with the new employees and shoppers.)

Well, our source couldn't provide anymore insight or a photo (man, a photo would have been great!) - he's still got a lot to learn about investigative reporting – but the news of Markowtiz in Queens still made our day.

However, if you've been reading Pol Position very carefully recently, we think you know where we are going with the kicker...

Guess who wasn't at the grand opening of the new Fairway in Douglaston?

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall.

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