Ten Things to Love About Baseball’s Return
by Nigel Chiwaya
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It’s baseball season again! The NBA season might be slogging towards the playoffs (but admit it, you checked out along with the Knicks weeks ago!), but there’s something about that first week of baseball that is so incredible that it almost makes you forget about the incredibly long winter we just sat through. With that said, here’s ten things to love about the pastime.

10. It’s Never Over Till It’s Over

The old Yogism still holds true to this day. Because baseball lacks a clock (and because of Aaron Heilman), no lead is ever truly safe- be it a one-run 9th inning lead, a three-games-to-none series lead, or a seven game lead with seventeen games remaining.

9. We can forget about the Knicks

We all kinda forgot about the Knicks little while ago, but starting with pitchers and catchers, we can finally rid ourselves of the stench that comes with an eighth straight losing season. Once LeBron arrives though, the Yankees and Mets better watch out. (I heard that LeBron can even throw a changeup!)

8. Hank Steinbrenner awakens from his slumber

Even the most ardent Yankees-hater loves Hank Steinbrenner- he serves as proof that owners don’t really have to know their sport to be loud, brash and obnoxious. Hank has quieted down now that Hal has assumed full control of the Yanks, but here’s hoping Hank will still be around for another year of nose-thumbing to everyone else in baseball.

7. The Rally Cap

Let it be officially stated here: The Rally Cap is the ONLY true rally item to be used during a baseball game. (The Angels abused the Rally monkey and as a result will be cursed to lose to the Red Sox in the first round every year until the end of time.) There’s nothing like spotting a rally cap or 50 when your team is down late (and Aaron Heilman is on the mound). Speaking of rally caps, did anyone else see those cringe-inducing GM commercials? Gag.

6. It’s Finally Warm Outside

Maybe it’s just me, but this winter has been especially brutal. So baseball season is generally the time around which it becomes safe to open the windows, turn off the heater and release the children out into the world (or the backyard.) Plus, it’s finally warm enough to play…

5. Softball!

Find me one baseball fan that does not like playing softball and I will give you a giant purple elephant. While none of us can hit a 90 MPH fastball, pretty much all of us can hit a giant, slow-moving Franken-ball. While playing softball, we all get to release our inner Frank Thomas. Now if only we could learn to field.

4. Season-Long Story Lines

Will the Mets choke again? Will CC outpitch or out eat the rest of the AL East? Can the Phillies repeat? The great thing about baseball is that when we finally get the answers, we will have forgotten the questions a long time ago!

3. That Once in a Lifetime Season

The great thing about opening day is that for one day, everyone has a shot at the World Series. The great thing about the MLB these days is that (almost) everyone truly does. We live in a world were the Rays just reached the ‘Series and the Yankees haven’t won in almost a decade- anything is possible.

2. New Ballparks

We might be unhappy with how much money was spent on the parks, or what they look like, or that the old parks are gone, but seriously folks, we have new ballparks. Finally! And these are not just baseball stadiums, these are glorified gourmet sports bars. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to save up to try the NYY steak…

1. New York Returns to the Center of the Universe

Where is Gonzaga? Can you point to UNC-Wilmington on a map? How did the Arizona Cardinals make it to the Super Bowl? Why does San Antonio have a great NBA franchise? With baseball season, none of this matters, because once the first pitch is thrown, New York resumes it’s rightful place at the center of the universe (and Boston is second-rate and Philly smells!)

Let’s Play Ball!

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