The Biggest and Baddest of All Big Checks
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Councilman Daniel Dromm presents Elmhurst Hospital officials with $1 million funding for a new chest pain unit.
Councilman Daniel Dromm presents Elmhurst Hospital officials with $1 million funding for a new chest pain unit.
We like big checks and we cannot lie.

Longtime readers of Pol Position know that we here at the PP desk have an obsession with the ceremonial aspects of politicking. We never pass up a good groundbreaking or ribbon cutting.

And our love affair all started with the big check; the bigger the better as far as we're concerned. In fact, the whole XPols competition – where we handed out points for various acts of politicking and declared a winner at the end of every fiscal year – all stemmed from the Checkies, a more humble version of the XPols that tracked the distribution of oversized checks.

(We were forced to abandon the XPols when monitoring all of these acts of politicking across our bi-borough coverage area started to cut into our ritual of cutting out around 1 p.m. on Friday for a few round of Night Train Express-tinis.)

We've noticed, however, much to our dismay, that the practice of handing out large checks to signify the allocation of taxpayer money (you know, because otherwise we would never be able to visualize just how much money was being handed out and who was doing it) seems to have fallen off over the years. Nope, we just don't see that many big checks anymore.

But we couldn't let this particular big check go unnoticed.

As we were changing out the paper in the Pol Position hamster cage last week, we caught sight of this picture of Councilman Daniel Dromm of Queens handing out a big check at Elmhurst Hospital Center. Even in the heyday of the big check we never spotted one of such exquisite beauty out in the wild. Such craftsmanship and attention to detail!

Not only is the check of perfect proportions, but take note of the picture of City Hall emblazoned across the front. This isn't some big piece of poster board hastily purchased at a local craft store and scrawled on with a big black marker. No, this a big check of the highest order made by someone with a respect of the history and significance of the big check.

Could this signal a renaissance of the big check? Will the greatest thinkers of our time throw themselves into the art of the big check and change politicking in society for the rest of time? Will we just see more of them? Pol Position certainly hopes so.

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