The Divine Miss M(oney)
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Now that the election season is in full swing, it's time for the candidates to open their hand and hope that you'll open your wallet and fork over some of your hard-earned cash to help fund their dreams of holding elected office.

These can get to be pretty pricey affairs depending on the office and the celebrity status of the candidate. For example, if your just a regular old blue-collar Joe Schmo working the 9 to 5 at some dead-end job (oh come on, it's not that depressing!), then chances are you can't afford to attend the glitzy fundraiser for Barack Obama hosted by some celebrity in a townhouse on the Upper West Side.

No, you would need Bloomberg money for that event, so it's best to just stick to the old adage, “if you have to ask, then you can't afford it.”

But on the bright side, if local politics is your bag, then it's perfectly within your bank account to get your feet wet in politics and get the chance to rub shoulders with some of the bold-faced names that make city government (dys)function.

For instance, many of the candidates for City Council hold fundraisers that offer a variety of donation levels that will allow you access to their inner circle. That's not to say they aren't also looking for the big money, but they are also more than willing to take a $25 check from the little guy, too.

Often times, these varying levels also come with a nice title to differentiate between the depths of pockets. In other words, for a $2,500 donation you might find yourself a member of the “Supporter” or “Patron” or “Rich 'Uncle' Pennybags” club. On the other hand, if you can only afford to hand over a double sawbuck, you might find yourself simply referred to as a “Friend” or “Contributor” or “Cheapskate.”

Well, recently we came across a sliding set of donator titles that made us chuckle. Councilman Daniel Dromm is hosting an LGBT cocktail fundraiser on January 30 at some fancy bar in Manhattan. For a measly $30, or the “Supporter” level, you can find yourself in the same room as State Senator Brad Hoylman or Speaker Christine Quinn, where you can hound her about getting all of your parking tickets dismissed.

Of course, Dromm is certainly willing to take more than $30 from you. Why not become a “Friend” for just $20 more, or perhaps at $100 “Partner” is more your style. Of course, those are pretty boring titles, but the more you give, the more glamorous it gets.

For $150 you can enter the fundraiser as an “Angel,” or for just $250 you can become a “Star,” which is perfectly fine, except that those who can afford to give $500 will be known as a “Superstar” - way better than a star, you have to admit.

And if you can afford to give the top donation of $1,000, you will be known, what could be better than superstar?

Bette Midler, that's what!

That's right, Dromm and his fundraiser organizers have taken naming donation levels to a whole other level by setting one aside for The Divine Miss M!

Basically, what they are saying is that if you can give the Dromm campaign $1,000, you will truly be the wind beneath his wings (which you will be expected to sing at least once at some point during the night).

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