The New York Knicks: Chaos, Dysfunction & Ineptitude At Its Finest
by John Jastremski
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Following another disastrous season from the New York Knicks, 31-51 to be exact and the fourth consecutive year without a trip to the postseason, I guess you could say I was fascinated to hear what Phil Jackson, the president of basketball operations, had to say for himself.

After all, Phil Jackson is the man that put this team together.

He is also the same executive that has presided over 166 losses over the last three years, so there may be some who would think that the “President of Basketball Operations” would feel some responsibility for the failure that has presided on the court.

Friday’s press conference didn’t feature a mea culpa, but gave you the sense that Phil Jackson blamed everybody but himself for the mess that currently presides at Madison Square Garden.

“I never took a jump shot or made a substitution, but the buck stops here,” he said.

That quote was a part of Phil Jackson’s opening statement to the media on Friday afternoon.


Instead of taking responsibility for what has gone wrong on the court, Phil Jackson has decided to recite Harry Truman in his end-of-the-year presser.

If only Phil Jackson could lead the Knicks in the way that Harry Truman led our country.

Phil Jackson expressed his hope for rebuilding the Knicks the right way. All well and good if this was your first year on the job.

The problem is that Phil Jackson has been on the job for 37 months as team president.

In those 37 months, the Knicks have had no clear vision and have changed their direction as a franchise more times than a taxi driver navigating the streets of New York.

Phil Jackson has had no clue as to whether or not he wants a team that’s in the midst of rebuilding or a team that is “trying to contend.”

In that time, the president of Basketball Operations has actually enhanced the chaos and dysfunction around a team that was supposed to be putting that sort of stuff in the rearview mirror.

Phil’s ridiculous stance towards Carmelo Anthony has actually made the $124 million man out to be a sympathetic figure.

Consider this: where else do you see a team president taking shots at the best player on the team, and in the process is alienating any potential big-ticket free agent from considering taking his talents to MSG?

That’s right. Only the Knicks.

Where else does a team president stop practice to completely undermine the current head coach, Jeff Hornacek?

Only the Knicks.

What other NBA organization is hell bent in running an outdated, prehistoric offensive system that is not run anywhere else in the NBA?

Only the Knicks.

Last but not least, what other organization has it’s one beacon of hope, Kristaps Porzingis, enraged to a point where he felt obligated to blow off his exit meetings with management due to his frustration with the chaos and dysfunction throughout the organization?

You guessed it, only the Knicks.

Sadly, Phil Jackson will still be calling the shots in the offseason.

He’s won 11 titles as a coach and is one of the best coaches in the history of the league, I’ll never take that away from him.

But after what I’ve seen the last three plus years, I have no faith in his ability to turn the Knicks around.

How can you?

The buck stops with you indeed Phil, and you’re failing miserably.

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