Thompson wastes no time
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Whoa, slow your roll Billy! We here at Pol Position think that former comptroller William Thompson could use a tall glass of Drank to calm down just a bit.

The words from Mayor Bloomberg's oath of office had barely faded from the rarified air around City Hall before his challenger in the election was announcing his intention to again run for mayor - in four more years!

We took an informal poll around the Pol Position office, and we could hardly find anyone who was sure what they would be doing four days from now, let alone four years.

We find the timing of Thompson's announcement a little odd. Before he announced that he would be running for mayor again, there were a lot of rumors and general scuttlebutt - dare we even say buzz - about what the future would hold for William Thompson.

Would he run for a statewide office, possibly vying to replace Andrew Cuomo as attorney general should he run for governor? Or would he really try to take it to the next level and run for Congress? Well, Thompson managed to squash all of that talk with his slip of the lip.

Now, we have no reason to talk about Bill Thompson for at least the next three years until the campaign season starts. Whereas reporters would have been following him around inquiring incessantly - or at the very least inquiring from time to time - about his future political ambitions, now they have no need.

Thompson could have been a regular guest on City Hall Live as a political expert/insider, the folks over at The Politicker would have hounded him on the street with a video camera, and we would have poked fun at him on a regular basis, but at least his name would have been in the news.

Likewise, how can anybody take anything that Thompson says seriously? Now, whatever he says publicly, especially if it is critical of the Bloomberg administration, will just be seen as a campaign fodder. And it's not like his announcement necessarily helps with fundraising, he could have still raised money for a future campaign without actually declaring what public office he would seek with the cash. Just ask John Liu, who managed to raise literally millions of dollars without ever stating his intent to run for city comptroller.

So long Bill, see you in four years.

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