Time for a new solution to the Sequester
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Air traffic controllers can once again navigate from atop their airport hub towers after Congress recently approved the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to shift funds to bail out the program.

The move comes during a heated time when the looming $85 billion in inevitable, across-the-board federal cuts are waiting to be unleashed on education, public health and security programs. However, it raises the question over whether there is a way to save the most essential elements.

In New York State, the first year of the sequester will mean the Nutrition Assistance Program for Seniors will lose $1,447,000; Small Business Administration loan guarantees will be reduced by roughly $900 million; primary and secondary school programs will lose around $42.7 million; and job assistance programs will lose around $884,000 for referrals and placement support.

Additionally, FEMA will be forced to reduce local grants that will inevitably slow cleanup efforts and response time for future natural disasters.

Since it has been made clear that the Congressional Right Wing will not allow tax hikes for the top earners as a solution in reducing the growing $16.7 trillion debt, across the board cuts have become the inevitable result.

One thing can be made certain; history has proven that Republicans will not bend during the Obama administration and the time is now to end the waiting game for a Congressional middle ground.

If President Barack Obama thinks dinners and cocktail parties with conservative representatives is going to produce a solution, one thing is certain: there is no amount of wining and dining that will put the Republican majority in bed with Democratic leaders and the president’s idea of taxing the rich to reduce our deficit.

With the Obama’s efforts in spending even more on pricy comedy writers, like at last weekend’s correspondents’ dinner, at the very least the GOP can pick up the bar tab at the next White House-funded banquet.

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