Time to Invoke the 25th
by Kimberly Blaker
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America is in a crisis and living in dangerous times – our most significant threats being the result of an unstable, unruly dictator-like president few Republicans are willing to stand up against. He's a president who roughly one-third of the American population worships and who boldly applaud every wretched and reckless remark he spews.

If we took a step back two years in time, before he entered the presidential campaign and all his sexist, racist, xenophobic Trumpeting, and pulled out our crystal balls to glimpse what America and the presidency would look like today, we'd be in a state of stupefaction and horror.

It would be beyond the mere disbelief we now experience, on a daily basis, because of the gradual normalization of such ill behavior by the leader of our country. We're now living with a president who in recent weeks has proven daily in one way or another, he's completely unhinged.

As a result, our nation is inching ever closer to grave danger both from within and globally. The president's hate-mongering attacks on Mexicans, blacks, Muslims, women, and LGBTQs have led to an upsurge in violence against minorities. White nationalists have become emboldened.

Equally disheartening is the awakening of the usually-silent (except in like-company) racist white population that makes up an easy one-third or more of our country. This figure's gleamed from a recent Ipsos poll. The result is growing social unrest.

On October 10, Trump went beyond his standard lashing out at the media. He tweeted: “With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!”

When the president goes beyond mere criticism and suggests means by which to shutdown reputable news sources, we're entering dangerous territory. Media control is common among ruthless dictators, not democracies.

The next and more pressing issue of the day, because of the vast scale the danger presents, is Trump's inching us ever closer to the threat of a nuclear attack by North Korea. Trump has repeatedly fueled Kim Jong-un's distrust, fear, and hatred for America.

Trump is playing with fire and doesn't seem to care who might get scorched in his path. On October 12, we were told North Korea's missiles aren't quite there yet, by John Kelly, the White House Chief of Staff who's also a retired Marine general.

He did state, however, “The American people should be concerned about a state that has developed a pretty good ICBM capability and is developing a pretty good nuclear re-entry vehicle.”

This comes only days after Republican Senator Bob Corker, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, said Trump's threats could put us “on the path to World War III.”

In light of all that's occurred and the imminent threat we're facing, we should take America's 27 leading psychiatrists' and mental health experts' warning under immediate advisement. Their 384-page scathing analysis of Trump's mental condition warns that he's severely unfit to serve and is thereby putting our nation in grave danger.

It's time now for all Americans who care about our democracy, pluralism, and the avoidance of another world war to vociferously call upon Vice President Mike Pence and Trump's cabinet members to invoke Section 4 of the 25th Amendment.

Equally crucial, we need to make phone calls to and hold accountable all our elected officials. They must be ready to stand in full support of invoking the 25th Amendment because if the vice president invokes it, we can be sure Trump will write a declaration of recovery. It'll, therefore, require a full two-thirds vote from each house of Congress to deem the president incapacitated.

So I urge America to put the vice president, the cabinet, and our elected officials on notice that we, the American people, expect them to act in the best interests of our nation. We must demand they act on behalf of the experts and majority who recognizes the severe mental instability of the president and the increased risk each new day presents resulting from his inflammatory remarks and uncontrollable behavior.

The vice president and our elected representatives cannot sit idly by, failing to acknowledge the dangers posed by an unstable president who listens to no one, not even within his own administration – a president with the impulsiveness and temper of a two-year-old who, at his sole discretion, has the power to launch a nuclear strike – a cataclysm none of us wants to envision.

Kimberly Blaker is co-author of The Fundamentals of Extremism: The Christian Right in America.


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