Time to recycle our energy
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Dear Editor:

In Bayside I find the chore of separating garbage relatively pleasurable…relatively, compared to out east.

Here in Amagansett, we pay $50 each year for the privilege of separating our garbage. This exercise is called recycling; hate the effort, love the goal.

The benefits of recycling are minimizing as much garbage as possible, which would otherwise contaminate the soil and oceans of our planet as opposed to reusing it in various forms. And I think it’s great even if it does require holding your breath for an extended period while running from one bin to the next on a hot humid day.

I like to think that it is the smell of patriotism, but I’m certain any patriot would justifiably be offended.

I am puzzled as to why it is that most have accepted the benefits of recycling garbage, a never-ending supply, believing in its benefits while nevertheless still managing to accept the raping of our planet for it’s limited supply of prehistoric fossil and mineral fuels.

The profiteers of this Neanderthal approach to creating energy have spent fortunes conning the gullible public into thinking that any alternative to this primitive source is robbing our country of its greatness.

Wind, sun, geothermal, tidal and other sources are all reusable and sustainable and do not change the physical nature of the world in which we live.

At the same time we must keep developing greater efficiency for vehicles and equipment that had in the past consumed energy produced at a behemoth’s appetite.

It’s an “all of the above” solution which will draw us out of our caveman mentality and deliver us from the dark ages to a future enlightened America.


Nicholas Zizelis


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