Trump the Flim-Flam Man
by Tyler Cassell
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A flim-flam man uses deception, and Donald Trump fits the definition perfectly.

Trump first got into the political fray about five years ago by claiming that Barack Obama was foreign born and shouldn’t be president. It was just a narcissistic ploy by Donald to get his name in front of everybody; just what he craves.

He even sent detectives to Hawaii to prove it, but the result of their investigation was never made public. Had they found any new evidence, it would have been big news, but the results were never announced.

Trump continued his “birther” position until last week, when he gathered the press for a big announcement in front of his new Washington, D.C. hotel. Trump finally said that Obama was American born, period.

His big announcement was really a bait-and-switch to get free press for his hotel. He offered free hotel tours to the press.

Trump then deflected his five-year lie by saying that Hillary Clinton had started it, but he ended it. Hillary had absolutely nothing to do with the birther claim, but that’s the way the flim-flam man operates.

When caught in lies or failures, sociopaths always blame others and they never apologize.

Trump claims that he can’t release his tax records because he’s being audited by the IRS. Everybody’s accepted that statement as a truth until last week when Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, was asked to produce the letter from the IRS confirming the audit claim.

Caught off guard, she went ballistic and asked if they were calling Trump a liar. If Trump is really being audited, he must now produce the letter to confirm his claim. The IRS cannot divulge who is being audited.

Trump used the Dr. Oz television show to produce a two-page letter about his health. Folks have been asking him to produce his medical records, which at his age, should be several inches thick from several doctors, but he chose the two-pager on a TV show as his answer. Again, another deception.

Trump, the master salesman and master manipulator, has even convinced a great portion of the American public that he has something to offer as president. If you look beneath the boast and bravado, he has no answers.

The American public has been played for fools and he may win our highest office.

Tyler Cassell is a resident of Flushing.

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P Buddery
November 12, 2016
It is the 12th of November 2016, and the mad idiot has won! Trump certainly seems skilful in playing people for fools, but the obvious and well-reported contradictions between his various lies have not stopped the fools from voting for him.

And they are the people who will suffer the most, the unlucky and sometimes not-very-bright folks who struggle along on minimum wage or lower. They voted for more money, more job security and less worry. But they got a billionaire sociopath who will ignore them or milk them for money as he thinks fit.

I live halfway around the world, and the whole thing still makes me feel a bit sick with worry.

I preferred Bernie, though I didn't mind the nice sensible black one.