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Dear Editor,

Thank god for President Donald Trump. How lucky are we to have a president that can multitask?

The Republican tax plan is amazing, eliminating deductions for teachers buying school supplies, student loan interest, and medical expenses to provide tax relief for the operators of private jets and golf course owners.

This trickle-down plan will succeed in delivering an incredible average tax cut of $360 for middle-income taxpayers in 2027.

All this accomplished while "rising above" the pettiness of LeVar Ball not thanking him regarding the UCLA/China basketball incident. What a disgrace.


Robert LaRosa

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jimmy turano
November 29, 2017
November 29, 2017 With the former and current staff of the White house always meeting in the past before the election and since, with Russian individuals of very shady backgrounds, I find it very hard to believe that the President, Mr. Trump, will be cleared of any wrong doings by the Mr. Mueller before the end of this year or right after.

This includes his son-in law and son as well. The Sanctions of Russia should never be lifted by any member of the current administration. In fact it should be noted and sent to Russia, that before even considering lifting the sanctions, that Russia, Mr. Putin should show a kind gesture of human compassion first to the World by influencing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to stop bombing the Hospitals who have Syrians who have been wounded including children immediately.

As a Vietnam Veteran who survived, Mr. Trump, his son, his son in law, former staff members, current staff members should all be held accountable for all the goings on before the election and since the election. A total of 16 so far acknowledged Russian individuals have met, in America, Russia, and far away places to discuss business of which every individual to date has forgotten who they met and what they discussed conveniently.

The Health Bill would have hurt the majority of American people. The Tax bill would also hurt the majority of American people and benefit the rich specifically. The Republicans who now side with the President to pass anything should be investigated. They may have through third parties received lump sum campaign donations since the elections via 3rd parties of Russian Mafia individuals, government and organization officials as well.

When they flip Flynn, and they probably already did so, Mr. Mueller will be able to conclude that the evidence shows many law breaking items already. Enough to bring charges, indictments, and so on.

This is my opinion, my freedom of rights as an American, and as a former Military Veteran to speak out and be heard.

Jim Turano

Mr. LaRosa do you really know what you are speaking about here. Sounds like Knickerbocker Avenue and Harman street childhood.