Vinyette quit day jobs for musical success
by Jennifer Khedaroo
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The band will be performing at Mercury Lounge on May 23.
The band will be performing at Mercury Lounge on May 23.
For the past six years, the Brooklyn-based indie band Vinyette has been working on becoming full fledged artists. Their sound is most similar to alternative grunge even though various songs on their upcoming EP will feature different vibes.

Danny Monico, the band’s guitarist, explained that each song represented it’s own created world. The song could have either more funk, an ambient sound or a 60s feel to it. Monico plays along Marc Ligenza on bass guitar, Nathan Frye on vocals and Jonathan Crowley on drums and synth. They met one another through connections and working restaurant gigs. The band’s name comes from Monico, who studied in film in college and was fascinated by an effect called vignette.

“Vignette was defined as something like a series of different realities, like a window into a world, and that’s how I describe our music,” Monico said.

Some of their recent singles were more influenced by consequences in life. For instance, their hit “Just to Get Away” was about the band’s decision to quit their jobs, head on the road and perform 26 shows in 30 days across Europe while living out of a backpack.

“I don’t think we would have really written “Just to Get Away” if we hadn’t done that because working a job and being in a band is a much different experience than being on the road,” he said.

While Monico didn’t foresee the band touring around Europe, the trip was certainly one of the highlights of their career thus far. He said the journey taught them a lot about themselves and the type of music that they should pursue in the future.

Another career highlight was being able to record within the famous Magic Shop in SoHo. And although it was challenging to record, mix and master a song in just one day, Monico claimed the experience was “like walking into a meditation circle.” The Magic Shop has been used by iconic bands, and was featured in the Foo Fighters’ HBO series “Sonic Highways.” Vinyette was excited to use vintage gear that bands like The Beatles used when they recorded their albums. And the band also got a chance to work with Jimi Zhivago, a producer who has worked with Norah Jones, Rufus Wainwright and The Rolling Stones in the past.

“Seeing his perspective and having him push us was really cool,” Monico said. “It made you feel like what life as a real musician should be and I hope it’s not the only time we get to record in that studio.”

The band have also been studying classic groups like Nirvana and Pink Floyd over the past two years in order to see what made them each so successful. Artists that Vinyette look up to includes the late Kurt Cobain. They’re inspired by musicians who take a different angle when it comes to creating music. Individually, their eclectic taste varies as much as their songs do. While Monico prefers grunge music, Frye listens to a heavy dose of rap and hip hop while Crowley listens to bands such as Nine Inch Nails and The Grateful Dead.

“What separates us from other bands is our ability to be bi-polar,” he said. “Having the ability to create the surface of different sounds and elements is exciting.”

For now, Vinyette continues to work on their EP which will be released sometime this fall or winter. In a few weeks they will be releasing the music video for “Just to Get Away,” which Monico claims will display an artsy and entertaining aspect featuring archival footage from the 1930s.

The group recently returned from a seven-show, ten-day mini tour around the Midwest. Not only are they getting along better than ever, but they are focusing more on the experience than the technical parts of the performances. Monico said that once you play a certain number of shows back-to-back, “you start to stop worrying about hitting all the notes and it becomes a way of expression.”

Audiences should expect a high energy set when they watch Vinyette perform on May 23 at Mercury Lounge in Manhattan. Their next scheduled performance will be on July 12 at Lucille Bar & Grill within B.B. King’s Blues Club in Times Square.

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