We Can't Endorse Mayor Bill de Blasio
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Mayor Bill de Blasio visited our office and spent some quality time with us before the crowded 2013 Democratic Primary. At the time, the polls had him in third place, behind two well-known Democratic hopefuls.

We endorsed him early in the race for a number of reasons, not the least of which was that he had a deep understanding of the important role the outer borough voices play in making our city great.

Although many consider his first term as mayor a success for issues like universal pre-K and Vision Zero, we see negatives in his leadership.

For one, his handling of the homeless issue leaves us scratching our head. Using hotels as shelters that are far away from public transportation is a mistake, yet his administration continued to insist that was the way to go.

The city subway system is a mess, with consistent delays turning the average commute into a daily nightmare. Driving a car into Manhattan is a risk few would take these days. Are we really better off now than we were when de Blasio took office? We don’t think so.

Republican candidate Nicole Malliotakis, an assemblywoman from Staten island who has billed herself as the candidate for diversity, seems to have come from nowhere recently to make a name for herself in those “unfortunate” debates.

Not much to go on with her record, but until you are in the driver’s seat, we just can’t tell. But we can't in good conscience urge you to cast your vote for the current mayor.
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stan chaz
October 26, 2017
The homeless? The subways?

The homeless have been on the streets ever since greedy real estate developers got rid of SRO's and caused rents to skyrocket.

Do YOU have a better solution for the homeless family that comes seeking shelter on a cold winter's night?

Pray tell us.

We can say "No room at the Inn", or we can put them in in a hotel until other facilities become available , or we can put them out on the winter streest- your choice Mr. Scrooge.

As for blaming Mayor DeBlasio for the State-run subways- come on! Get real!!!

The City is better off with Bill DeBlasio, not only with lowering crime and rising employment - but especially for millions of rent stabilized tenants (after years of double-digit rent increases courtesy of Mayor Bloombucks and his crew).

I bet you guys (and/or your owners) supported your boy Trump too....