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Why Hero Images and Minimalistic Designs Are Working

Hero images look like they are here to stay and for good reason. As more and more consumers are searching the web through mobile devices, designs need to be simple and direct. Scrolling is in, and putting "everything above the fold" is out. In fact, cramming everything into the area “above the fold” is long gone.

What Is a Hero Image?

Hero images are large images used on home pages. A hero image is an image with a message. It grabs attention. It offers value. It offers a solution. It instantly provides clarity about what the website is offering.

Why Do Hero Images Work?

They work because you only have a moment to grab the viewer's attention. If you don't, the viewer will click away to another website.

Research studies show that viewers quickly form an opinion about a web page based on visual appeal. How quickly? Within 50 milliseconds!

The second the viewer looks at your hero image, the image acts as branding for the site. Images can evoke appeal, certain emotions, customer trust or peak interest. And they do all this in an instant.

Examples of Hero Images that Work

If you know the product and the value it offers, you can show an image that conveys the message.

Take a restaurant, for example. Perhaps you would use an image of the inside of the restaurant with lots of people eating. This would put focus on the ambiance and show the restaurant is a popular spot. Or you may highlight the food, and the hero image could contain a delicious looking flame broiled steak dinner or some other featured dish.

Selecting hero images is a customized task, unique for the particular business.

Take a look at this New York restaurant’s website, Bobo, and see how quickly you get its message.

Depending on the image and content, designers often slightly darken images so the message is readable. Here is an example.

Omnit is a business in a totally different industry but it makes good use of the hero image.

Minimalistic Design

You have no doubt heard the expression “less is more.” The trend today is to tell a story with pictures and content, but include space in the layout so the viewer doesn’t experience information overload.

The following is a stunning site that does just that: Twin Dolphin

What type of hero image is in your world of imagination?

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