What’s in a tweet anyway?
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At most we’re talking 140 characters, but sometimes a simple tweet can cause a lot of commotion.

Take for example the case of an alert newshound around the office, who last week noticed an interesting tweet in the newspaper’s Twitter timeline from the loquacious Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, who can very rarely keep himself to 140 words, let alone 140 characters.

In his tweet, Markowitz said that he was “officially” the Democratic candidate in the 22nd District for the state senate, and that he was thankful for all of the support that he was getting.

The tweet also mentioned that there were “110 days to go” to the general election. So we had an intern go grab a calendar and start fact checking, or rather counting, and sure enough from July 19 to November 6 is 110 days.

Well, you can imagine our shock when we overheard this penny-a-liner telling his colleagues about the tweet. But it’s not nearly the amount of shock the tweet caused among some politicos at an event in Queens, where the reporter first saw the short message on his phone and began passing it around for all to see.

According to the young scribe, several elected officials expressed their amazement that Markowitz would be challenging sitting State Senator Marty Golden, a powerful and popular Republican in the legislature, but that Astoria State Senator Michael Gianaris, who heads the New York State Senate Democratic Campaign Committee, must be ecstatic.

Apparently, one even wondered aloud why Markowitz would bother running for office after such a long and storied political career – a career that included a stint in the state senate – when he could just “take a job with the Nets.”

Well, we immediately did some research (okay, we just looked at Markowitz’s Twitter feed), but couldn’t find the 11:30 a.m. tweet. We contacted the Borough President’s office, and they confirmed that the tweet had been sent in error, and that it was immediately deleted.

But it begs the question, was Markowitz seriously considering a run for state senate? So serious, in fact, that he assumed that he would be running as a Democrat for state senate and scheduled a tweet to go out far in advance, and just forgot to remove it?

Or was it just a mistake by someone in the office managing Markowtiz’s Twitter feed?

We’re not sure, but when at first we couldn’t get in touch with Markowitz’s office, we called a person with intimate knowledge of the Democratic Party’s workings in the legislature, and he said that Markowitz was not running against Golden, but that it would be a dream candidate for the party.

Markowitz grew up in the neighborhoods that comprise the 22nd District, and we’re not sure if there is anybody more popular or recognizable in Brooklyn politics than Marty Markowitz. He might be the only person who would have a chance of defeating Golden, one of the few New York City Republicans still left in Albany.

In fact, our source suggested that we perpetuate the rumor that Markowitz is running and maybe it will become reality. But sorry, while Pol Position is perfectly willing to lurk in the dark shadows of conjecture and half-truth, we can’t just print flat-out lies (most of the time).

So there will be no Markowitz v. Golden race in Brooklyn…this year!

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