Whatever this is, it's obviously huge!
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UPDATE: We ran this photo from our archives in last week's issue mostly because we just loved the composition, but also because the more we admired it the more curious we became about the photo.

As with most of the old photos in our archives, we don't have any information to go, so we asked our readers to help us out.

Jeff Gottlieb of the Central Queens Historical Society emailed to let us know the man looking directly at the camera is former Councilman Walter Ward. Ward served in the City Council from 1968 to 1993 – a whopping 13 terms!

He represented the south Queens neighborhoods of Ozone Park, South Ozone Park, Howard Beach and the Rockaways. During his tenure in office, he was known as an advocate for clean beaches and fighting airplane noise, an issue for residents of that district to this day.

Ward was finally defeated in 1993 by Al Stabile. He died at the age of 83 on November 8. A school in Lindenwood and playground in Rockwood Park bear his name.

Mr. Gottlieb also let us know that his friend, Patricia Farrell, identified the man seated on the far right as former assemblyman Fred Schmidt.

Schmidt was an incredibly admired man during his 24 years in the State Assembly. He was first elected to office in 1964 and served four terms, but redistricting forced him from office. In 1974 he ran again and won, and would serve another nine terms.

His post-political career would see Schmidt become a well-known State Supreme Court judge. He died in 2003 at the age of 71.

Well, that's two of the men identified, but we would still like to find out who the other men in the photo are, and if possible, what it is they seem so excited about. If you think you can shed some more light, drop us a line at polposition@queensledger.com.

We were back at it digging around in the archives this past week, when we came across this gem of a photograph. If you were teaching a master class on how to set up a press shot, this photo right here has some fundamental elements that any press photographer should ponder and digest.

First, let's draw your attention to the fact that only one person is looking at the camera and smiling. You can tell that he is the mastermind behind whatever groundbreaking event these gentleman are celebrating. While all the others can't even be bothered to look up from whatever genius is contained on the pages in front of them, he looks at the camera with a cocksure air of self-satisfaction.

“I really nailed it this time!” we can almost hear him thinking.

And not only are the other men focused on whatever this photo is announcing to the world, check out the action.

The man standing in the back pointing is a wonderful touch, almost as if he is declaring, “Holy cow, I can't believe you put that it there, I would have never thought of that!”

Then there is the man on the right giving a hearty fist pump, which just drives home the point how monumental whatever is contained on those pages must surely be. It's a masterpiece.

Study this all of you press flacks out there whose first instinct is to have everybody look at the camera and smile. Boring!

Now we have to know what these men are so excited about. If you can help us at the very least identify these men or, better yet, shed some light on what is taking place, drop us a line at polposition@queensledger.com.
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Martin smith
October 28, 2015
The man on the far right is former Assemblyman Fred Schmidt of Woodhaven.