Who let the dogs out?
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Dear Editor:

There is a man in Maspeth that walks his two big dogs off-leash. He'll go into stores and even have a meal at Fame Diner and leave the dogs outside to wander around on the sidewalk.

When you try to explain to the guy that his dogs might wander in the street and get hit by a car or get dognapped or get in a fight with a pit bull or maybe even intimate someone afraid of dogs he doesn't believe his dogs are at risk because they are so big and friendly.

I can't believe he has never gotten a ticket or that any harm has come to his dogs because of this lack of responsibility. How does he even now if his dogs crapped when he doesn't see it?


Maspeth resident
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February 09, 2011
i agree he waits on the corner and has his dogs walk on my block and crap and does not clean it.the dogs are always off the leash going into peoples properties we have told him plenty of times he dosent pay mind to what anyone says i guess he needs to be taught a lesson.one day he will catch me on one of my bad moods. sincerely maspeth resident