Who needs your endorsement anyway?
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While all of you are probably all wrapped up in the national debates between Romney and Obama and Biden and Ryan surrounding this year’s presidential election, you might be overlooking some races happening right here in your backyard.

And one big race is the one to replace Congressman Gary Ackerman being waged between Councilman Dan Halloran, a Republican, and Democratic Assemblywoman Grace Meng.

A couple of weeks ago, Meng picked up a big endorsement when Mayor Michael Bloomberg, ostensibly a Republican mayor, crossed party lines to throw his support behind her.

Now, usually when a candidate picks up an unexpected endorsement, his or her opponent generally takes it in stride, even if behind closed doors they are throwing chairs and firing staffers.

But rather than publicly show their anger, they issue a standard statement that goes something like, “while I would have loved to have the endorsement of [enter name here], it’s not politicians who are going to decide this election but the voters of the district, and I’m sure that when they go to the polls on [enter date here] they will choose me to represent them in [enter body of government here].

Keep in mind we said “generally.”

Because that’s not the path Halloran chose. Instead, he sent out a 500-word statement blasting the mayor. Here’s one of our favorite parts:

“It’s no wonder this Super Nanny-State advocate, who champions feel good measures with no shot of fixing real problems, has made this choice. Whether it’s the soda ban, his congestion pricing schemes, or the bike lanes to nowhere, Mayor Mike has found another bad idea for New Yorkers: Grace Meng in Congress.”

Why don’t you tell us how you really feel, councilman!

Halloran goes on to list a few reasons why the mayor wouldn’t be too keen on endorsing him, and he makes some good points. Halloran has been an outspoken critic of several of the mayor’s initiatives, most notably the soda ban, which was a big pet project of the mayor.

And this quote from Halloran spokesman Kevin Ryan isn’t likely to win either of them an invitation to the Bloomberg’s home for appropriate-sized cocktails and dinner with calorie counts prominently displayed:

“Bloomberg’s latest suggestion for the City of New York, voting for Grace Meng, is just as detrimental to New Yorkers’ freedom and prosperity as the rest of the Mayor’s ill-conceived ideas.”

Did you catch that? A “detriment” to “freedom.”

Wow, if Halloran displays this much vitriol over the mayor backing Meng, we can’t wait to see the new one he rips Marie Claire for featuring Meng in its recent spread titled “Running in Heels” with the partial subhead “Meet the candidates to watch (and vote for) this campaign season.”

Sounds like an endorsement to us!

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