Will We Vote for Trump Exit?
by Tyler Cassell
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Brits woke up one morning to learn that the British pound was devalued to its lowest rate since 1985. How did this happen? It happened because the Brits voted to exit the European Union, the group that includes 27 other countries and sets uniform trade policies, inter-country cooperation, and easy border crossings.

When my wife and I crossed the border from Poland to Germany in 2004 when Poland had just joined the EU, our border crossing took about 15 minutes. Our tour guide said that before their entry into the EU, the crossing would have taken several hours.

Trucks usually waited in queues for two to three days, as drivers ate and slept in their cabs and urinated in the woods while in line.

Most of the push to vacate the EU was fueled by anti-immigration rhetoric amid calls to “take their country back.” Sound familiar?

Other major consequences await the Brits if they really do exit, all of which are not clear yet, such as not being part of the 28-country trading block for goods and services. They want to leave slowly, but the other members just want them out so the EU will stabilize and be back to normal. EU members will meet, minus Britain, to discuss where to go from here.

“Take American back” and “make America great” are the rally slogans of Donald Trump, who pledged to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it and to ban Muslims from entering the country until we “figure out what’s going on.” He still speaks in harsh terms and absolutes at his rallies every day.

Many Brits today are having a severe case of buyer’s remorse, and are claiming that they didn’t fully understand the consequences of exiting the EU. Had they known, they would not have voted to exit.

They feel bamboozled, and want a do-over vote. Scotland, who voted overwhelmingly to stay, is thinking about separating from the United Kingdom just to stay in the EU.

We are being warned daily about the consequences of a Trump presidency. Those who support him don’t want to hear the warnings. Leading economists have said his tax policies would benefit the rich, and further decimate the middle class. Moody’s called his tax policies a disaster.

Wall Street fears that pulling out of trade agreements would have strong negative repercussions in our markets and millions of 401K plans. Other countries worry that Trump will withdraw from NATO or shoot his mouth off and start a war with some country that disrespects him. Trump doesn’t handle opposition well.

Many fear he would run our economy like he did with his casinos. He bankrupted them, but not before pulling millions out for himself. Most of our immigrant base, illegal or not, have serious fears about his wall at the Mexican border, and what his hateful policies would mean for them.

The warning signs are right in front of our face, just as the Brits had theirs. Immigration and foreigner rhetoric blinded many Brits when they voted their fears. We have the same vote here. If hate blinds us, and we vote accordingly, we will suffer cataclysmic consequences, according to those who know.

Clearer heads must prevail in order to save our Republic from this predicted disaster. Wake up America, the warnings are there, loud and clear. There are no do-overs for president.

Tyler Cassell is a resident of Flushing.
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