Will You Remember Super Bowl 51 for the Comeback or the Collapse?
by John Jastremski
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I know it’s already a few days removed from the aftermath of Super Bowl 51, but my goodness I cannot believe what we all witnessed.

Yes, unless you are living under a rock, I’m sure you aware that the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in the first ever Super Bowl game to go an extra session.

The Patriots overcame a 25-point deficit and completed the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

However, I’m still left with somewhat of a burning question in the aftermath of the Patriots shocking victory.

Will Super Bowl 51 be remembered because of a great comeback led by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, or will it be remembered for the most epic choke job in the history of the Super Bowl thanks to the Atlanta Falcons?

Well, the answer to that question is complicated.

The reason that question is so complicated is because you can’t have a great comeback without an epic collapse.

Of course, the Patriots will be lauded, they will be praised, and this performance by Tom Brady will further cement his legacy as the greatest quarterback of all time.

However, in order for Brady to pull of the unthinkable, the Atlanta Falcons needed to do everything - and I mean everything - wrong over the final quarter-plus in order to lose the game.

Remember, the Patriots were dominated for three quarters. They trailed 28-3, and at 28-3, their win probability was .03 percent!

The game was over. Even a few of my buddies from college who are some of the biggest Patriots fans on the planet had thrown in the towel at 28-3.

The mighty Brady was getting hit at will by the Falcons defense, the Patriots had no answer for the explosive Falcons offense, and this game had all the makings of a Super Bowl rout.

Even at about the ten-minute mark in the fourth quarter, the Patriots trailed by 16 points. How is it humanly possible that the Atlanta Falcons gave the Super Bowl away?

The Falcons over-aggressive play calls will be second-guessed even worse than Pete Carroll and the Seahawks two years ago, and trust me that’s saying something!

What makes the Atlanta situation worse is that they had multiple situations to put the game on ice and completely abandoned a running game that had its way with the Patriots defense.

It is completely inexcusable that the Falcons ran the football only five times after securing a 28-3 lead.

The poor play calls by the Falcons led to a Donte Hightower strip sack, which was baffling, but the sequence following Julio Jones unbelievable catch will go down in Super Bowl infamy.

The Falcons led by eight points inside of four minutes and were well within field goal range. You could have literally taken a knee on three straight plays and you would have been in better shape compared to what happened to the Atlanta Falcons.

Two hideous play calls bumped Atlanta out of field goal range due to a sack and a holding penalty. It is simply inexcusable to allow that to happen.

If the Atlanta Falcons handle any of those play sequences properly, they win Super Bowl 51.

Case closed.

So of course, Brady was magical, the Patriots were magical, and they deserve every bit of praise you want to throw their way.

However, their magic and the greatest Super Bowl comeback was the direct result of the worst choke job in-game I have ever seen.

When you are going against a coach and quarterback as special as Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, you cannot give them an inch.

If you give them an inch, they will take a mile.

Super Bowl 51 will go down as one of the greatest and most memorable Super Bowls of all time and yes, to quote the late great Jack Buck, “I don’t believe what I just saw.”

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