Will the voters make Damon wear a Yankees cap
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We realize that this information is being delivered too late to actually do you any good at the polls, but we figured we would share it with you anyway, if solely in the interest of keeping track of the political affiliations of all of your favorite Hollywood stars.

Like Matt Damon. Damon recently recorded a video on behalf of the Working Families Party to help you navigate those newfangled paper ballots. According to a Working Families Party press release, the new ballots can be confusing, and you might be led into voting for the same candidate on two separate party lines. If you do, your vote is only going to count on the major party line.

For instance, if you vote for a candidate that is on the Democratic Party line and the Working Families Party line and mark your ballot in both spots, your vote will count once as a vote for the Democratic candidate. This is important, because third parties in the state need to secure a minimum number of votes to ensure that they are automatically on the ballot in the next election. If they don't get a certain number of votes, volunteers have to go out and collect signatures in a labor-intensive process meant to preserve the two-party system in New York.

And apparently superstar Matt Damon - you might remember him from such memorable roles as Will Hunting in Good Will Hunting, Jason Bourne in The Bourne Ultimatum, Tom Ripley in The Talented Mr. Ripley, and Edgar Pudwhacker in Glory Daze – now has a new starring role in a 30-second video on behalf of the Working Families Party.

In it, Damon instructs voters to only mark one oval, otherwise their vote will be stolen by the big bad parties. According to the press release, the video’s money quote: “Don’t go nuts bubbling in Andrew Cuomo and Eric Schneiderman everywhere you see them. That’s no good. Your vote won’t count for Working Families, and you’ll make those people in Dade County, Florida, look like geniuses.” Take that Florida!

(You can watch the video for yourself by scanning the barcode on this page.)

But that wasn't the only video that Matt Damon made for the Working Families Party. In a another pro-WFP spot, the native Bostonian promised to wear a Yankees cap if 200,000 New Yorkers voted on the Working Families line. Again, we realize it's too late for you to do anything with this information now, but we'll research how many votes were cast for the WFP, and make sure that Damon stays true to his word if that number surpassed 200K.

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