World Cup fever
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Dear Editor:

The quest for the World Cup of soccer, also known as football, has begun in South Africa.

In Queens alone there is what only can be described as World Cup fever and everyone is cheering and supporting their favorite team. 

It is a sport that demands stamina, passion and perseverance not to mention disappointments but also one that demands teamwork at every level on the field. It is indicative of the struggles we all go through life.

Former South African President Nelson Mandela can truly attest to this considering all of the trials and tribulations he has gone through and still going through. Yet he fought against apartheid and made his country into one nation and one people and united them in part through soccer.

The world is brought together into peaceful competition and this is a wonderful thing. Now lets cheer team U.S.A. In the end may the best team win the World Cup.


Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Glen Oaks Village
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Ciro Di Donna
June 29, 2010
I refuse to watch or support the World Cup soccer matches in South Africa, and in my opinion, I urge every American citizen to do the same in their own communitie's.

To begin with. The advertising motto (to attract tourists) chosen by the South African government to represent its nation is that “It’s biggest asset by far is the warmth, friendliness, humility and humanity of it’s people” etc.

What schlock! Try telling that to the 3,000 white farmers who were hacked and shot to death and their families, including the three grandchildren of a white farmer Nigel Ralfe who, while milking his cows, four black demons approached him with the excuse to buy milk when he was pistol-whipped and shot to death. If that was not enough, these four demons proceeded to drag his body to the front door of his house and when Mrs. Ralfe, who was inside bathing her three little grandchildren at the time, opened the door to these creeps shot and killed her at point blank range.

This is not uncommon in South Africa. A white farmer living there is twice as likely to be killed as a police officer in a nation (if one wants to call it that) where 43,000 human beings are killed each year and where 25 percent of South African women are raped at least once in their life time.

Where one in four black men in that country has raped or gang-raped, what these demons call “jack rolling,” at least one child or woman in their lifetime, where close to 5.5 South African black males have the HIV/AIDS virus due to a pervasive belief within the black population by traditional witch doctors that raping a virgin child cleanses a man of the HIV/AIDS virus, South Africa is now the leading nation of child rapes.

This seems to all to bode well with Mr. Julius Malema, who is a ruling member of the South African government and leader of the ANC (African National Congress) Youth league where he is often seen whipping up black students into a frenzy at University rallies by dancing and singing a popular song “Bring Me My Machine Gun” which this government official urge’s them to chant, “We are going to shoot them (white farmer’s) with AK 47’s,” “Kill the Boer (a.k.a. white farmer),” “shoot, shoot, shoot, the white farmer,” “These dogs are raping,” etc.

Imagine if one of our top elected government officials in Washington D.C., incited white university students to go out and shoot black Americans with M 16s!