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Dear Editor,

December 7 is National Letter Writing Day. Surveys reveal that the letters to the editor is one of the most widely read and popular sections of any newspaper.

Weekly newspapers offer readers a chance to speak out. Weekly newspapers tend to offer more space for writers than daily newspapers. Some daily newspapers have quotas of no more than one letter every 30 or 60 days per writer.

We continue to be fortunate to live in one of the few remaining free societies, with a wealth of information sources available. Sadly, most American cities and suburbs are down to one local daily or weekly newspaper.

I continue to be grateful that this newspaper, along with other daily and weekly newspapers, affords both me and my fellow letter writers the opportunity to express our views, as well as differing opinions on issues of the day.

Let us thank those few brave souls who are willing to take on the establishment and powerful special interest groups through letters to the editor. They fill a valuable niche in the information highway.


Larry Penner

Great Neck

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April 08, 2016
To Mark Andrews (HISTORY of the WORLD): For your information Dutch West Indies has always remained Dutch, whether you call it Curacao, Lesser Antilles, etc; however, the U.S. acquired the Danish West Indies in 1916 (later renamed as US Virgin Islands.To the Dutch this represents an egregious error, but it is nothing more than an oversight.