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Eierv OR has this forum for major policy and fiscal drcisioe.s. As part of committee function, thr standard practices of negotiation, diplomacy, and kibbling lor votes are regularh carried out. Thr impact of such an OR committee varies widely among institutions.Despite the constantly changing dynamics of the OR man¬agement and the trequent major frustrations, anesthesiokigists should pursue a greater role m day-to-day management in every possible applicable practice setting. An anesthesioktgist who is capahtc if facilitating the stall of caso wah moncler minimal delays and solving problems "on the fly" as thev arise will be in an excellent posmon to serve his or her department. Suc¬ceeding in this role will hase a dramatic positisc impact on all the OR constituents. The surgeons will be less concerned about who is in charge because their cases are getting done. The hospital administration will welcome thr moncler jackets effort because they want something extra in return fur any monei thct are now gmng to the anesthesiology group as moncler jacket sale a subsidy. Further¬more. The OR cummittcc (or whatever systrnt for dispute res¬olution is in place! Is still functinrsal and has nor bren circum¬vented -and will be thankful for the absence of disputesnrrihng resolution),Some institutions use the term Cfiiracjf Director ot the OR. The person awarded this designation should be a senior-level individual with first-hand knmsledge of the OR environment and function. Anesthesiokigists haie a better understanding of the perioperative process. Tfiev moncler jacket possess thr medical knowledge to make appropriate decisions. I heir mnrnate association with surgeons and their patirnts allows them to best allocate resources. The American Association of Clinical Directors m 2002 reported that 71 of survey respondents stated that an anesthesiologist was designated as thr Clinical Director of thr OR.Contact and Communication An important issue for the anesthesia professionals in any OR setting is who among the group will be thr contact person to interact with the OR and moncler clothing its rrlatrd administrative limctiom. In situations m which everyone is an independent contractor, there may be a titular chief wfxi by design is the contact per¬son. The anesthesiologist in this role commonly changes yearly to spread the duties among all the members, large groups or departments that function as the sole proitding entity foe that hospitallfacility often identtfv an individual as the contact per¬son to act as thr voice for the department. Furthermore, these same groups delineate someone on a daily basis to be the clin¬ical director, or the person "running the board." Frecjiirnlly, this position is bnz filled by one of a small dedicated fraction of the group le.g.. Three peoplrl rather than rotating the responsibility among every' member of the group. Experienced "hoard runners" hase an msimciually denied better perspec¬tive II the nuances of managing the operating schedule in real time.

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