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Auto Accident Lawyers Oakland CA
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Oakland Auto Accident Lawyers is the auto accident attorney of Oakland area. We have largest success rate in Oakland with most satisfied client list. Contact our experts for more information.
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Christina Vega
May 25, 2017
KEEP MVP OPEN!! Why?? Because this school change our comunity our kids is our family.. Best Decision!! Me and my husbane made was to send our Daughter and son go this beautiful school. My daughter was for the first Grad class 2016 .. Best eduaction ever and also my daughter leave school and teacher and staff keep motivate my daugher.. to keep doing good and too keep taking good decision in life.. To my Daugher an all the kids doing the samething.. For me that is a great !! Only this Teacher for this school do that because other school never do that.. Teacher and Staff goes above and beyond!! People who love kids .. This is first time my kids felling so Happy going to school.. Our kids need more school like this ..Where teacher and personal care about children.. Believe me this school you felling like family.. I love every one person for this school and my kids too .. My son is doing great and he have a Ip.. Thank to this wonder full teacher and he fell motivate every day to go to school... I can be all day here because this is school is a dream for every kids and parents.. Thank You! MVP Mvp stand united !! KEEP MVP OPEN!! Is very important work together going to be strong to the fight United for our school. Att: Christina Vega
Heroes Thursday May 25th games Canceled.... 2017 Heroes Youth Basketball League Schedule May 22 - June 1 2017
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Due to the rain today, all Heroes basketball games on Thursday, May 25 are canceled. There are a few changes from the Friday, May 19th posting of the schedule in the 17s and 12s only. They are marked with an *. If there is rain AND the games are rained out it will be clearly stated HERE at 5PM on the day of the game AND the headline on this post will say that games are canceled. It will be the first story in the SPORTS SECTION tab of the Queens Ledger web site. It will be obvious. If nothing is here and then show up to the game. After 5PM the referees and both coaches decide on whether the game will be postponed while at the park. If there is the threat of rain or it is drizzling, the games will not be canceled. email us at if questions. Knee coverings are required. Rosters are now final. If a player is not on the official roster and/or a parental player waiver is not signed by a guardian and it has been handed in, the player can not compete in this league any longer. Waivers, rosters, birth certificates preserve the integrity and safety of everyone. Coaches are responsible for guardians being aware of the inherent risks associated with playing basketball. Please check this schedule often. We publish results on this web site as well. Use this link ... (bookmark it) to see the schedule. We schedule two weeks at a time and come out with the new schedule Thursday nights or Friday mornings - with games beginning Mondays (so next schedule will be out June 1 for games beginning June 5. Playoffs begin the week of June19(if there is rain that week we could play Friday). Championship games June 27 or 28th. Parks used for games: Crowley Park is on 57 Avenue at 83 St. in Elmhurst Frontera Park is on 69Street at the Eastbound Service Road of the Long Island Expressway in Maspeth. Juniper Valley Park Playground is at 74 St on Juniper Blvd. South in Middle Village. BOYS 17 & UNDER * indicates this is a change since the last (5-19) posting of this schedule MON 5/22 EBC Flushing Express Crowley 2 6:45 MON 5/22 St Stan’s Pena Team Phenom Frontera 1 5:45 MON 5/22 Hot Shots HBT Elite Frontera 1 6:45 *TUE 5/23 ** Team Phenom HBT Elite (now) Crowley 2 6:45 TUE 5/23 Weatherproof Flushing Express Crowley 2 5:45 WED 5/24 EBC Hurricanes Crowley 1 5:45 *WED 5/24 **Hot Shots Hurricanes (now) Crowley 1 6:45 WED 5/24 St Stan’s Cook St Stan’s Pena Crowley 2 5:45 WED 5/24 St Stan’s Cook Hellgate Crowley 2 6:45 THU 5/25 Weatherproof Hellgate Crowley 2 6:45 TUE 5/30 Weatherproof St Stan’s Pena Crowley 2 5:45 TUE 5/30 EBC Hot Shots Crowley 2 6:45 WED 5/31 Hellgate HBT Elite Crowley 1 6:45 WED 5/31 Hurricanes St Stan’s Cook Crowley 2 6:45 THU 6/1 Team Phenom Flushing Express Crowley 1 6:45 / / / BOYS 14 & UNDER MON 5/22 NJK Realty Hoop Dreams Crowley 1 5:45 MON 5/22 HANAC Guess Who Crowley 1 6:45 MON 5/22 Purple People Crusaders Crowley 2 5:45 TUE 5/23 Purple People Dream NYC Crowley 1 5:45 TUE 5/23 Weatherproof Helms Bros Crowley 1 6:45 THU 5/25 Weatherproof HANAC Crowley 2 5:45 TUE 5/30 Purple People Helms Bros Crowley 1 5:45 TUE 5/30 Crusaders NJK Realty Crowley 1 6:45 WED 5/31 Guess Who Hoop Dreams Crowley 1 5:45 THU 6/1 Dream NYC HANAC Crowley 1 5:45 / / / BOYS 12 AND UNDER * = new games since 5-19 post * MON 5/22 Weatherproof *Hard to Guard Frontera 1 5:45 MON 5/22 VBGC Queens Elite Frontera 1 6:45 TUE 5/23 FH Thunder Queens Elite Frontera 1 5:45 *WED 5/24 *Hard to Guard VBGC Frontera 1 5:45 TUE 5/30 Queens Elite NY Future Frontera 1 6:45 *WED 5/31 *Hard to Guard Weatherproof Frontera 1 5:45 WED 5/31 VBGC Weatherproof Frontera 1 6:45 THU 6/1 FH Thunder NY Future Frontera 1 5:45 / / League Sponsors listed below are awarding league members and coaches wonderful offers...... Queens Ledger Weekly Newspaper Group. Results, stories and pictures will appear in the sports section of this newspaper's website - updated each Wednesday morning. * Arby's on Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village. Try their new GYRO Sandwiches. Coaches had them at their meeting and they were awesome. go: Arbys is donating a free meal to one player of the game for each team..... Selected by the coach - given out at coaches meeting * Maspeth Federal Savings. Maspeth's Community Bank since 1947. Giving a 'Swag Bag" to a player of the week each week. Maspeth Federal plays and important part in many of the organizations and foundations in Maspeth - including the Memorial Day Parade, Kiwanis and Lions Clubs, Relay for Life in MV and the Maspeth Chamber of Commerce. 718-335-1300 * Msgr. McClancy High School & Summer Basketball and Baseball Camps for Boys & Girls. A co-ed Catholic High School in the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Baseball, Basketball and Soccer Camp for Boys. Softball, Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball for Girls. Donating 6 FREE weeks of summer basketball camperships - selected from the two teams in the Championship games ​* Martin Luther School - A co-ed school in Maspeth serving grades 6 through 12. 60-02 Maspeth Avenue - 718-894-4000. Donating 4 FREE campership weeks - summer of 2016 - selected from the two teams in Championship games / / / old schedule - done BOYS 17 & UNDER MON 5/8 Hurricane Flushing Express Crowley 1 5:45 MON 5/8 HBT Elite EBC Crowley 1 6:45 TUE 5/9 Weatherproof Team Phenom Crowley 1 5:45 TUE 5/9 HBT Elite Hurricanes Crowley 1 6:45 TUE 5/9 St Stan’s - Pene Hot Shots Crowley 2 5:45 WED 5/10 Flushing Express St Stan’s – Pene Crowley 1 5:45 WED 5/10 Hellgate EBC Crowley 1 6:45 THU 5/11 Hot Shots St Stan’s – Cook Crowley 1 5:45 THU 5/11 Weatherproof St Stan’s – Cook Crowley 1 6:45 THU 5/11 Team Phenom Hellgate Frontera 1 6:45 *TUE 5/16 (changed day & location) Flushing Express St Stan’s – Cook Frontera 5:45 * TUE 5/16 (changed day & location) HBT Elite St Stan’s – Cook Frontera 6:45 TUE 5/16 Team Phenom Hurricanes Crowley 2 5:45 TUE 5/16 Weatherproof EBC Crowley 2 6:45 WED 5/17 Flushing Express Hot Shots Crowley 1 5:45 WED 5/17 Hellgate St Stan’s – Pene Crowley 1 6:45 THU 5/18 EBC Team Phenom Crowley 1 5:45 THU 5/18 St Stan’s – Pene HBT Elite Crowley 1 6:45 THU 5/18 Hot Shots Weatherproof Crowley 2 5:45 THU 5/18 Hurricanes Hellgate Crowley 2 6:45 BOYS 14 & UNDER MON 5/8 Purple People Guess Who Crowley 2 5:45 MON 5/8 Hoop Dreams Crusaders Crowley 2 6:45 TUE 5/9 Crusaders Queen of Peace Crowley 2 6:45 TUE 5/9 Purple People NJK Realty Frontera 1 5:45 TUE 5/9 Weatherproof Guess Who Frontera 1 6:45 WED 5/10 HANAC Hoop Dreams Crowley 2 5:45 THU 5/11 NJK Realty HANAC Crowley 2 5:45 THU 5/11 Weatherproof Dream NYC Crowley 2 6:45 MON 5/15 NJK Realty Weatherproof Crowley 1 5:45 MON 5/15 Crusaders Dream NYC Crowley 1 6:45 MON 5/15 Hoop Dreams Purple People Frontera 1 5:45 TUE 5/16 Queen of Peace Guess Who Crowley 1 5:45 TUE 5/16 HANAC Crusaders Crowley 1 6:45 WED 5/17 Purple People HANAC Crowley 2 5:45 WED 5/17 Dream NYC Queen of Peace Crowley 2 6:45 THU 5/18 Guess Who NJK Realty Frontera 1 5:45 THU 5/18 Queen of Peace Dream NYC Frontera 1 6:45 * BOYS 12 & UNDER TUE 5/9 NY Future VBGC Frontera 2 5:45 TUE 5/9 FH Thunder Pythons Frontrta 2 6:45 WED 5/10 VBGC Hard To Guard Crowley 2 6:45 TUE 5/16 FH Thunder VBGC Frontera 2 5:45 TUE 5/16 Pythons NY Future Frontera 2 6:45 * *
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Janet Schneider
May 25, 2017
Great program. Thank you Councilman Koo and our wonderful Queens Botanical Garden
Dr. Ezra Sebastian
May 24, 2017
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