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Auto Accident Lawyers Dallas
by rosavasquez
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Auto Accident Lawyers Dallas's experienced auto accident attorney has won numerous settlements in negligence and medical improper. Contact us and get more information from our experts.
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Derek Nelson
May 29, 2017
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May 28, 2017
The Diocese is only asking that the school property be given back to the Diocese, who built the school with the donations of diocesan gifts from the parishioners, be reverted back like the other schools have agreed to if CK closed down, which is unlikely. So if the Diocese doesn't get the property back, who gets it? Serphin Maltese or Michael M. for free to sell it for a profit and split the millions? Common Sense and morals should prevail by CK's Board. The Diocese is only looking for CK to follow the same rules followed by the other High Schools who rent to charter schools and Middle Village Prep, even though CK Board disobeyed the rules and created it with the objections of the Diocese, has said that MVP could remain on campus. But of course, these former 'politicians and lawyers' on the CK Board are always defiant.
Tommy A.
May 28, 2017
I agree, Middle Village Prep is not a third party charter school created by others and wanted to rent space from Christ The King. The President wrote the proposal to have NY create the school. That is against the Diocesan agreement and he used is position and the property from the start. But this is not the first time. The independent Day Care Center is run by the daughter of a Christ the King Board. It is amazing the morals of CK Board members!
Tanya Smith
May 28, 2017
The problem is that Christ The King Board of Trustees CREATED this public school on their campus. Christ the King Board Members DID NOT RENT, they created for their campus. This breaks the Diocesan agreement. Now everyone is upset with the Diocese. NO, the typically defiant Board of Trustees at CK knew what they were doing and the Diocese tried to stop it from the start. CK said they were doing it anyway and in 2013 the Diocese filed a lawsuit which has just been settled in 2017 that the Diocese was right all along. They did not just come around now to shut the school. Once again, Christ the King High School is so full of scandals over the years!