November 23, 2017
Mohammed S
November 22, 2017
With all due respect - to have Larry Moreno and Victor Ogbo on the first and second teams makes a mockery of this list! I love those guys and Law and Tech is a great team but COME ON!!!! Larry won’t even sniff the court at St Francis and Ogbo is a solid low D2/ High D3 kid at best...
Randy Gast Awarded Martin Luther School’s 2017 Love in Christ Award
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Martin Luther School’s Board of Directors proudly recognized Mr. Randal C. Gast for his “extraordinary contributions and faithful service as MLS’s Executive Director in support of the school’s Mission and students from 2009-2017.” The presentation took place at a meeting of the entire MLS Faculty and Staff, which the Board hosted this week.

Mr. Gast moved to his new role as Director of International Recruitment in August to focus his efforts on growing MLS’s international enrollment further. Building on the strong foundation he laid for bringing even more international diversity to MLS, he has created an exciting global environment at MLS. Mr. Gast’s role will be a significant element of the school’s Reset for Growth strategy, which the Board announced last month.

James R. Regan, who replaced Mr. Gast as Martin Luther School’s Acting Executive Director beamed with pride as he commented “MLS is simply put: like no other school I know in the way we live and learn through our diversity. Randy Gast has made MLS proof that International diversity brings students together and spurs their growth as they meet, learn and play here.’’

Not one who likes being in the limelight, Mr. Gast humbly accepted the award and was speechless when President of the Board, Michael Jakob, announced this exciting recognition. Mr. Gast kindly sat with us to talk about this recognition, his plans as the new Director of International Admissions, and some of his most cherished memories at MLS.

Q: Congratulations on receiving your award last night – this kind of recognition shows how much you mean to the Martin Luther School Community – what does this recognition mean to you?

Randy: “It is a validation of one’s profession and time. This was totally unexpected, truly not necessary, but I am very humbled by it.”

Q: What are some of your most stand-out memories throughout your time here at MLS?

Randy: “The experience of working with kids who have been through so much in their lives at such a young age, has shown Randy the role that MLS plays in students’ lives. “The role we play as a school – transforming, reclaiming, and affecting lives is unimaginable. My greatest experience has been the opportunity to work with the students. Some see commencement as the most important day. But the day before commencement is the most important to me because it is the last time I am able to worship with that class.” Looking back on all of the school’s Walk-A-Thons, community events, and athletics activities, Randy explains, “Martin Luther School is one of the greatest ministries I have had in my 39 years, and I am thankful to God in some small and meaningful way that I am still able to manifest that part of my life moving forward.”

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EEOC Offers Harassment Prevention and Respectful Workplaces Training
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Despite legislation and law enforcement, incidents of harassment still occur in the workplace. Often employers are at a loss in knowing how to prevent it. They can’t be everywhere at once to supervise first-hand what is taking place in their business.

The new training being offered by the EEOC is a proactive solution for preventing harassment. The training applies to real life situations and gives employees and employers valuable tools that begin by addressing uncivil behavior, which can escalate and lead to harassment.

Sexual Harassment

How Does This Training Differ from Other Anti-Harassment Education and Training Programs?

Traditional anti-harassment or anti-discrimination training programs focus on educating supervisors and workers about existing laws, legal definitions and liability standards that businesses must meet.

The EEOC’s new programs , called “Leading for Respect” and “Respect in the Workplace,” focus directly on conduct.

Participants in the program learn about treating others with respect and what respectful conduct involves. By fostering respectful behavior in the workplace, businesses can also become more efficient and profitable. The training also assists employers by reviewing their policies and procedures and evaluating them in terms of harassment prevention.

The point where a company starts preventing harassment is by changing its culture.  Two main aspects of the program geared to do this are workplace civility training and bystander intervention training.

Workplace Civility and Bystander Intervention Training

Workplace civility training promotes civility and tolerance for diversity in the workplace. When workers enter a general culture of civility, employers often see less of its counterpart, harassment.

Civility training has been used by employers and is not new to workplaces. However, bystander prevention training is a newer concept for preventing harassment.

Schools and colleges have used violence intervention training as a way to curb sexual assault. It empowers students to intervene and prevent assault by increasing bystander awareness, encouraging collective responsibility, empowering students through skill-building exercises and making resources available to support intervention. By-stander prevention training brings the same skills to the workplace to enable workers to intervene and stop harassment.

If you have questions or legal concerns about workplace harassment, find out how we can help.

Stephen Hans & Associates has decades of experience assisting company owners with employment related issues.

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