the Will of God 2
by greenflying
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On the moral side, asceticism represents self-morti-fication as a New Orlean Saints jerseys species of spiritual exercise or gymnastic, conducive to self-conquest and excelling sanctity.Here has been the origin of perhaps even wider, though less glaring, evils than religious asceticism, by tempting thousands of the noblest souls in all lands and ages to throwback jerseys strive to climb up to virtue by a path which never has led thither, and from whose barren and herbless cliffs they either rise into clouds of spiritual pride, or fall down and are lost in gulphs of sensualism below. Both the religious and moral sen-timents on which asceticism takes hold, are in them-selves noble and holy, and the aberrations to which they have given existence are too sad and mournful to be calmly contemplated. It is a noble thing to desire football jerseys to please God at the cost of pain and suffering to ourselves; a holy and true NFL jerseys feeling that we ought to sacrifice body and soul to Him, The instinct is so pure and strong, that in lives of great ease and Cleveland Browns Jerseys happi-ness it often seems as if some mode of expressing it in self-denial must be found. But the error is in imagining that that rightful sacrifice can be paid in any other New England Patriots Jerseys way than " the reasonable, holy, and accept-able sacrifice " of a life of love Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys to Him and to our neighbour;—that we can please Him by breaking the laws He has given to our Minnesota Vikings jerseys bodies and minds, and not by cheerful obedience to them all. Cicero said well, " Men think to please the gods by mutilating their bodies, but if they desired to anger them, what else could they do?" Shall we please a mechanist by shattering his machine; a musician by untuning his instrument? But vainly have prophets and apostles proclaimed what pure religion and undefiled really demands, while the old idolatrous and demonolatrous ideas still linger on and are preached New York Giants Jerseys on every side. After three thousand years, Christendom still believes that God does desire more of man than " to do justice, and love mercy, and walk humbly with his God."

And the moral sentiment of asceticism is no less noble than the religious. The " thirst after righteous-ness," the desire to stretch out after the very purest holiness, and not resting content with ordinary good-ness, to achieve perfection even through any sufferings and privations, to struggle on" Till the lordly will o'er its subject powers Like a throned God prevail"—this is a glorious thing—an ambition worthy of an immortal soul. To seek this perfection of holiness, this absolute self-conquest, by self-mortification, is the error of the intellect which chooses the wrong path, not of the will which has chosen the right end.Even in its gloomiest phases, when asceticism fixes itself San Diego Chargers Jerseys on guilt, and becomes the longing for expiation, it is a sacred thing. He who has never known what it is to desire his own punishment, knows but little of repentance. But here also there is error.

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