McMillan: Jimmy gonna win it!
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Well, we called it again, goslings!

Last week we were pushing the Rent is Too Damn High gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan (enamored as we were after the debate like half of the people who tuned in), and then what happens, he gets his own Saturday Night Live parody, and we all know what that means, right?

You don't? Well, we'll let candidate McMillan tell you what exactly what that means as quoted in local papers this week:

"Election over. Jimmy gonna win it," McMillan said. "That put me over the top. It's over. This election is over."

Jimmy gonna win it! We told you so.

Actually, taking off our McMillan rose-colored glasses and black gloves just for one minute, we're not so sure that a parody on SNL is the most politically advantageous thing in the world. Remember those parodies of David Paterson SNL's been getting a few laughs from? Yeah, we're not so sure those didn't contribute just a little bit to Paterson's decision to leave the governor's mansion and not seek reelection.

Although, Paterson was a sitting member of office, and McMillan is, well, a long-shot candidate with a killer karate kick, or so we're told, and as they say in the business, no publicity is bad publicity. Working against McMillan, however, is that we're not sure anybody watches SNL anymore, so hopefully for him the video goes viral. We'll help speed that along – watch the segment for yourself and then email it to a friend.
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