A Republican club grows in Brooklyn
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Wait a minute, there's Republicans in Brooklyn?

We here at Pol Position were under the impression that to spot a real live Republican here in New York City you had to venture to the nether-regions of Queens or (gasp!) cross the Verrazano Bridge or hop on the ferry and make your way to Staten Island, so it is with great shock that we finally discovered that there are Republicans living among us in Brooklyn as well.

See, we thought that Kings County politics was one big Democratic puppet show, but it turns out that there is something called the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, and they really aren't that much different from us or you.

In fact, the club is pretty active and apparently a thorn in the side of other Republican clubs throughout the state because of its penchant for independent thinking and tendency to go against the party bigs. Read what the New York Times had to say about the club:

“Their organization is respected and feared because its motives are unselfish, its conduct courageous, and its methods business-like. The club is not composed of men who make politics a trade, who seek in party service a passport to public position, or who endeavor to justify their fitness for office by manipulation of primaries or the packing of conventions. In fact, the club is an organized protest against the supremacy of just such persons in party politics.”

And that was published in 1882! At that time the group was refusing to endorse the nominations of their party for governor and lieutenant governor of New York State, rankling upstate Republicans.

Well, it appears the club is still up to the task of upsetting the proverbial apple cart.

According to a message posted on the club's website by President Jonathan Judge, the club's state charter was revoked and given to another Young Republican Club that has close ties with Brooklyn GOP leader Craig Eaton.

To make matters worse, the new club doesn't even have any glowing articles from the 19th century attesting to its legacy – in fact, the new club just held its first meeting about two weeks ago. Not exactly a storied history, but to be fair they could have accomplished a fair amount in a fortnight - we can't speak to the industriousness of the club leadership.

Judge's statement read in part:

“Throughout our organization’s history, we have never shied away from calling out the corruption and misdeeds in both parties, while organizing voters around principled candidates and common-sense solutions. The Brooklyn Young Republican Club believes that we need to put people before politics, good policy before patronage, and reform before the ‘go-along, get-along’ status quo. We pledge to continue our commitment towards those ends and welcome all young Republicans, Tea Party activists, and young Brooklynites fed up with a failed, do-nothing establishment to join us in this tremendous opportunity to make sure the job gets done right.”

We've really got nothing against Republicans here at Pol Position. No really, some of our best friends are Republicans, honest. Although, we do admit they can be a little hard to deal with and are a bit too aggressive at times - and they can't drive worth a lick - but no matter what side of the aisle you find yourself on, Pol Position thinks Judge espouses some refreshing political rhetoric that we can all get on board with.

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Larry Johnson
March 02, 2011
The only Brooklyn Young Republican club I know of is the one Russell Gallo leads.

Kevin Jones
March 02, 2011
Don't forget how Jonathan Judge endorsed the likes of very liberal Democrats Tony Avella, and David Weprin.

The Avella one is especially most troubling since, he endorsed him over sitting incumbent state senator, the dean of the State Senate no less, in Frank Padavan.

What's also interesting is Avella's proud support for naming a street while in the city council, after cold-blooded killer Sonny Carson, makes one wonder about Mr. Judge's penchant for criminals since he is also on record for paling around with the likes of convicted felon George Smith, he even defended him after party leaders found out he was a criminal and Albert Cleary who was tied to the grizzly death of Mark Fisher in fact it was right outside of Cleary's house where it occurred.

Judge took money from his family too by the way, and held several of his club's functions there.

Judge is a cancer, and a cold-blooded liberal who will throw any Republican under the bus if it means keeping his no-show patronage job.

Which is probably why the State Young Republicans booted him out now three times, and the Kings County Republican Party did the same.
Brooklyn YR
March 02, 2011
Please visit the official YR club in Brooklyn at:


Judge has lost his charter and no longer is considered a young Republican club president.

The current president of the Brooklyn Young Republicans is Russell Gallo.
Jane Minucci
March 01, 2011
Mr. Judge sure has you fooled.

People have long wondered how the President of the Young Republicans got a cushy $46,000 a year patronage job at the local Democrat-controlled Planning Board (not the kind of position you get via civil service or a competitive screening).

The fact is that he is just another well-connected political hack. Only problem: his connections are all with Democrats. In international politics there is a term for people like Mr. Judge: a mole or spy.

We won't even get into his use of an anonymous hate blog that is used to attack political rivals (and their wives and children) in the nastiest and most personal ways.

Suffice to say, Jonathan Judge was booted from his position as Corresponding Secretary of the State Young Republicans a few months ago, and the loss of his YR Club status is just the most recent attempt by real Republicans to remove a cancerous tumor from the Brooklyn body politic.