Blockbusted! Video giant closing Queens locations
by Spiridoula Karagiannis
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Queens has approximately eleven Blockbuster stores, but that is about to change. A few of these stores are closing, including the branch on Grand Avenue and 74th Street in Maspeth and the branch at 70th Road and Austin Street in Forest Hills.

The Forest Hills store was nearly fully stocked with merchandise, but only had two customers. One of whom had only one thing to say "I don’t usually come in here, I’m just glad I could get a stack of DVDs for what I would have paid for one," on customer said. The store will close for good on before April 9.

As for the Grand Avenue branch, the shelves were nearly empty but ths store was still rather busy. "I already have a Netflix account I’m too lazy to go out to rent movies," said one customer, who was at the location on a candy run. The store is offering customers one free online rental and two free movies in store when they sign up for their online rentals. The store will close for good on April 10.

To keep up with the changing times, Blockbuster began renting movies via its website. The company also has an iPhone application, a renting kiosk, mail service, and an instant download to computer or gaming devices. As of May 2005, it was the only national video rental chain, but the worth of their company has been decreasing over the years. As of February 2006, it was worth onlhy $500 million, and on July 1 the company was removed from the New York Stock Exchange because of plummeting stock.

In March 2010, Blockbuster made a deal with Warner Brothers, which allowed it to receive TWX movies 28 day before Netflix and Redbox. Blockbuster also reinstated late fees on rented movies and games. Neither tactic helpd the company's bottom line, and Blockbuster filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on September 23, 2010. It was announced in a courtroom on March 11, 2011, that in April an auction would be held for parties interested in buying Blockbuster.

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April 08, 2011
If you go to and type in your zip code you can find all redbox locations. once you type in your zip code a new window will appear with a map and locations. Hope this helped!
April 05, 2011
Redbox is cheaper and more convenient. I think that Queens should really have more Redbox movie rental machines and I haven't really seen any around. Redbox offers movies as well as video games and the machines, which are about the size of soda machines, seem to be popping up in a lot of other places. I know that there are a few in Manhattan.. Does anyone know of any locations nearby?