Jeremy & Bianca LeRoux
by Ricky Casiano
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They are the masters of macaroni in North Brooklyn who helped turn two bleak and dreary garages to a quaint well lit couple of businesses.

Jeremy LeRoux and his wife Bianca are sole owners of the Brooklyn Mac and the CUP coffee shop, on 77-79 Norman Avenue, two establishments which Jeremy LeRoux built by hand.

The Brooklyn Mac, which opened last December names its dishes after neighborhoods and parks in Brooklyn, including the popular Coney Island Mac dish that serves hot dog and sauerkraut with their mac and cheese to stay true to the popular nabe, which is home to the famous Nathan's restaurant.

Jeremy LeRoux, also a firefighter, said the idea of Brooklyn Mac came from his mother, who often served him macaroni, a dish he quickly grew to like.

“I always loved mac and cheese,” he said. Though he came up with the idea, he said it took “meeting my wife to be able to execute the plan.”

The partnership fit, not only for the business, but also personally. Bianca LeRoux, who is also an actress, said she always wanted to come to Brooklyn and marry someone from the borough with the distinct accent, and she did.

“It was always been my dream to live here,” she said. “Moving to Greenpoint for the first time, I felt part of a community.”

CUP opened in 2009 and is right beside Brooklyn Mac. The space has already formed memories for the couple. “ A lot of friendships formed here, engagements,” LeRoux said. “ We’ve seen it all here.”

Through the businesses, Bianca LeRoux often gets involved in the Greenpoint community. They have donated funds to Haiti and several causes, supported fundraisers and donated coffee to local events. They've also volunteered to read to children at the local library.

“The community has been phenomenal, very receptive and supportive to what we’ve been doing,” LaRoux said. “We would not be here without the people supporting us.”

The owners hinted at the future and said they would not be surprised if more Brooklyn Macs opened in the borough. In fact, they're opening another CUP in Williamsburg this week.

While there are mac-and-cheese dishes for many Brooklyn neighborhoods, ironically Greenpoint is missing. But it's coming

“We will be true to Greenpoint,” they said.

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