Critics of OWS are fooling themselves
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Dear Editor:

What is it about with avid Occupy Wall Street haters? What blinds them from seeing what OWS is all about? Why is it so difficult for some to comprehend the outrageous disparity of wealth in our country, which is the reason for the movement? The 99% will not and cannot be stopped.

I read the same old letters from the same old clueless writers, the ones that attempt to denigrate words like “occupiers” and “liberals” by tagging the 99% as socialists and communists, rather than realist or humanist, which is what they are.

These misguided critics do not realize that painting themselves as superior to the protesting riff-raff does not make them a part of the elite 1%. They are merely stooges and facilitators, and those 99% out there actually represent them as much as it represents nurses, teachers, and firefighters.

One need only view the comparative rate of income growths over the last 30 years. The middle class has virtually flat-lined, while the income of the wealthy has exploded exponentially. Why?

The reason that the middle class has such the near-impossible task of upward mobility is the barriers set up by that exclusive club of the 1% making certain it is kept exclusive. Typical barriers include cutting support for education and health care, and doing away with unions, depriving working people with any power concerning their wages.

Finally, to keep that 99% in their place and their 1% in their ever-skyrocketing growth pattern, tax dodging is elevated to an art form and loopholes like a minefield are dug everywhere possible. The wonder is not why the 99-percenters feel something stinks; the wonder is why the delusional would-be one-percenters do not.


Nicholas Zizelis


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