City not in biz of helping small biz
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Dear Editor:

This mayor is supposed to be the "Businessman Mayor," Someone who is more attuned to the private sector and as such knows that small businesses are the greatest drivers of the economy. Now in these times of economic strife we need good policies that actually foster a proper environment to welcome new entrepreneurs into the area.

Well, would someone please show me where exactly that is happening?

They are stories all over the local papers about the Health Department going into places of business and shutting them down. In the paper today, they were almost bragging about the fact that they bled $42 million away from private businesses this year alone. Aren't these agencies supposed to protect and not act like parasites?

All of these are small enterprises that are barely making it as is, and this city is treating these young upstarts like a virus treats a host. No wonder the mom-and-pop ventures are all but dead. How can they survive in a economic climate as this? Between the burdensome tax levies and the insane regulations on top of crippling insurance costs, how does anyone make it?

The time has come for government to stop carving up the Golden Goose and pulling out those eggs and start caring for that blessed bird and give her some love and care and let the gold come naturally on its own.

I see some good coming from our governor in his State of the State Address, but to be honest I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Even with all this I am still a "glass is half-full" sort of guy. Truth be told, the end of this mayor's reign will be a great day for small business.


Andy Sullivan

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