Shame on you Christine Quinn!
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It appears that for the Speaker of the great City Council of New York City, no mechanic currently working within the five boroughs has the skill or expertise to repair her Mercedes or Porsche or Lamborghini, or whatever super fancy car the speaker no doubt drives around the city from event to event, earning that taxpayer-funded paycheck she collects.

And when it comes time to have that car worked on, she would apparently rather spend those taxpayer dollars with the good folks at JB Auto Care in Weymouth, Massachusetts. That's right, Massachusetts!

Rather than help out a mechanic here in New York with a family to raise and a boat payment to make, she sees fit to haver car serviced in New England. We're disgusted.

Oh, we're sure she thought that she would never get caught, sneaking off every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first, to have her car serviced with the apparently superior mechanics employed by JB Auto Care. But then she got careless.

Yes, she thinks so highly of these out-of-state grease monkeys and their automobile knowledge and customer service, that she just couldn't help but write a review for JB Auto Care, which the company featured prominently in an advertisement.

The speaker obviously knew she was doing something wrong, because she tried to cover her tracks by using the pseudonym "Kim Morrison." Nice try speaker, but you can't fool Pol Position and our Da Vinci Code-like powers of deduction.

You see, the letter "c" is the third letter in the alphabet, while the letter "h" is the second letter in "Christine," but is the eighth letter in the alphabet. If you subtract two from three and then multiply it by eight, you get the number eight, or the letter “h”!

Umm...well, we don’t really have the time to get into the complexities of how the name Kim Morrison was derived from Christine Quinn, but the photo was a dead giveaway!

Of course, we’re just joking. We're sure that Christine Quinn drives a very sensible, environmentally conscious automobile, that she takes to a mechanic right here in New York City.

Quinn’s photo was apparently pulled from the Internet and used in the ad for JB Auto Care, which makes us wonder how many other politicians and people with a strong web presence have become “satisfied customers” unwittingly?

Moreover, we don’t think we’ll ever be able to trust another customer testimonial again. Is nothing sacred?
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