Christine Quinn walks like an Egyptian*
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Apparently it doesn’t take much for Speaker Christine Quinn to storm away from a press conference

On Monday, at a living wage rally on the steps of City Hall while Quinn had the microphone, a person behind her shouted “Pharaoh Mike,” prompting Quinn to storm off into City Hall.

She later said that she wasn’t going to be part of rally that devolved into petty name-calling.

Now, we can totally respect that. There is too much harsh rhetoric in politics that distracts from the real issues. (Which we secretly love, by the way. Keep it coming!) But really, it was the phrase “Pharaoh Mike” that set her off?

We’re not even sure what that means. We could infer that since the mayor is opposed to the living wage legislation that the heckler meant that he somehow endorses slave labor, although it’s not the mayor who is actually having the people work for him.

Maybe the heckler meant that the mayor intends to be buried in a large tomb surrounded by his riches and favorite cat? No, we doubt that’s it either.

Does the mayor like pyramids? (Call us if you know!)

It’s a pretty random heckle, and we’re sure that the mayor has been called a lot worse in public and didn't worry too much about it.

At any rate, it’s admirable that Quinn left the podium, but we suspect that there is something else weighing on her that could have produced the sudden outburst. We wonder if she has any big events coming up that could be stressing her out?

*In the interest of full disclosure, we didn't come up with that headline, we saw it on Twitter, but we sure wish we had!

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