U.N. treaty a hypocrisy
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Dear Editor:

I write to protest the UN-proposed "Small Arms Treaty," which would violate U.S. sovereignty, infringe upon our sacred Second Amendment rights, and also severely penalize our job creators' livelihoods by denying them the right to sell the fruits of their labor.

Ask yourself, besides firearms, what American-made product is valued by anybody at all? (Okay, maybe Harleys.)

The statists show their true hypocrisy here. Most of what is called "foreign aid" is really weapons coupons. U.S. tax money goes to a foreign dictator, who takes his cut, then buys U.S.-produced ordnance. (If anything, this is just another form of corporate welfare.)

The statists whine about "terrorism" and "international crime syndicates" as they subsidize same in the name of international geopolitics. But if a free citizen of the Republic wants to make an honest deal with whomever he pleases, he finds his Constitutional rights trampled.

Sure, Al Qaida and the Norwegian Defense Front are unpopular (in many circles) now, but so were Germany and Japan not so long ago. The statists obviously do not believe in free enterprise, but at least they used to pretend to.

When American statists appear to bow before the will of the internationalists (i.e. the same New World Order whose symbol appears on the U.S. dollar bill), we must ask why? But with the "International Small Arms Treaty" the answer is simple: they want to disarm every single one of us not wearing a uniform, here and abroad.


Peter Kropotkin

Jackson Heights

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July 12, 2012
Thanks for taking the time to write your letter Peter. One thing to remember is that the rules created to govern the negotiations of the Arms Trade Treaty (note that it's not limited to Small Arms) explicitly prevent the treaty from having an impact on domestic gun laws or sales within countries.

The U.S. delegation involved in negotiating the treaty has forcefully stated that it will not agree to a treaty that infringes upon Second Amendment rights.

And just to clarify, the terms of a treaty can't violate US sovereignty if the treaty is entered into voluntarily. There are many treaties to which the US isn't a party and the provisions of those international frameworks therefore don't apply to the US.