Outrage over honor for Jill Kelley
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Dear Editor:

As a former Air Force officer (1964-68), I'm outraged that the Joint Chiefs of Staff presented the nation's second highest military honor for a civilian to Jill Kelley, the Tampa socialite who unleashed the David Petraeus/Paula Broadwell scandal.

Ms. Kelley was honored for her "selfless contributions" as social liaison to MacDill AFB in Florida. What selfless contributions do they mean? She's a glorified camp follower who tried to use her military connections to arrange lucrative business deals and got free rides on Air Force planes.

Her partner in crime, four-star Marine General John Allen, sent her 20,000 e-mails while his troops fought and died in Afghanistan. He should be relieved of his command and charged with dereliction of duty and unlawful use of government computers for personal communications.

Army four-star General Petraeus and Lieutenant. Colonel Broadwell committed adultery, a crime under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and could face court martial. Ms. Broadwell also had classified information on her home computer, another criminal offense.

But both will prosper. General Petraeus will probably get a lucrative book deal and give speeches on ethics at $100,000 a pop. His ex-lover will get a reality show, "The Real Military Housewives of North Carolina," plus a fortune for the movie rights to her sordid story.

I suggest 3 titles: Generals Gone Wild, Fifty Shades Of Camouflage, or Fatal Attraction 2.


Richard Reif


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Jill K.
December 06, 2012
Richard was Richard Nixon a good President? Well a lot of people say after he was impeached that he wasn't..that was AFTER the fact. He was elected President despite Watergate which was found out afterward. So it appears that you want to erase all the good of Jill Kelley that happened prior to knowledge of emails, lucrative business deals etc.

Have you ever been to Wash D.C.? A lot of the 'selfless' soldiers who were career soldiers get offered private sector jobs because of their talents and CONNECTIONS. Do you hold the same contempt for them?

I think it's fair in this society if we give then can reap benefits from that giving...after all there was a lot of money spent towards entertainment, and time for volunteering.

It's pretty simple Gen. Allen should have been the one to cease/limit the email conversation. He could have said to her "cant get to personal emails because I get 1000's of business emails, let's talk in person".

As far as the business deal she made a mistake. She should have contacted the South Koreans and gained permission first.

It is a mess I agree, but the Generals who are experienced businessmen should have drawn lines in the sand. Was she opportunistic? Yes. In order to achieve the American dream do you have to be opportunistic? Yes. She went too far..agreed. But at every turn the more experienced Generals gave her more rope (and she did eventually hang herself with that rope). You have to agree that it is extremely tempting when Generals keep giving you more access more trips to DC. All of a sudden you feel entitled because of your relationships.

She did nothing illegal. I place 100% blame on the Generals for not creating boundaries. Isn't it funny how our society is focusing on Jill and Paula? They are the vixens, the evil ones, the plotters. How sad. Also why is Jill being dragged through the mud? She didn't have the affair. She wasn't part of the tryst that led to the CIA director resigning. She didn't put a marriage in trouble...yet most of the sensational writing seems to be about Jill Kelley.

The women are the villains...how sad.
December 06, 2012
I felt for Jill UNTIL it was revealed that her cancer "charity" was just one giant SCAM to line her pockets. Unreal. Only an immoral criminal does that. The Kelleys should be arrested for fraud. But if they are not, it's okay because they have already been convicted as scamming grifters in the court of popular opinion...and they are all going to hell.