Army-styled Fitness Club Coming to Queens
by Beatrice Liu
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Ari Harris
Ari Harris
The summer is just around the corner, and New Yorkers are more excited than ever to get back in shape! Places such as Bally Total Fitness and New York Sports Club are always filled with ambitious people, vowing to get those six-packs before heading to the beach.

Now a days, gyms are usually filled with various machines, almost too many for people to choose from. Yet, what if there is an even better way of exercising without using any machines at all?

Ari Harris, the owner and founder of Pharaohs Army Fitness Club, believes that Kettle Bells are the new revolution to a better way of losing weight and staying in shape.

“My facility, will have no machines,” Harris said. “My tagline is, ‘we don’t use machine; we build machines.’”

Located on 116-16 Queens Blvd., a busy neighborhood between Kew Gardens and Forest Hills, Harris will be opening an army styled fitness club, where the main focus and equipment will be kettle bells and Total Body Exercise (TRX) suspension.

As a personal trainer for the past thirteen years, Harris has witnessed a drastic change in his clients’ body structure and physical endurance after training with the kettle bell. Unlike other sports, the kettle bell lets the body train in three dimensions, and the swing of the bell releases tension from the muscles.

According to Harris, the efficiency is one of the best things about kettle bells.

“You can use one kettle bell and target your upper body, lower body and trunks,” Harris explained. At the same time, there are numerous combinations of exercises that a person can do with the bells, and a person could lose up to 1,000 calories per hour.

Even though many gyms in the city use kettle bells in their small group trainings, not many trainers can provide the most effective result. Today, it is relatively easy for a person to become a certified body trainer, while all he needs is $400 and a free weekend, according to Harris.

“The quality of training has gone way, way down,” he said. “There are too many jack of all trades and masters of none.”

As a professional trainer for more than a decade, Harris has a group of loyal students working with him.

Even though many consider him to be a strict trainer, at the end of the day, they always go back for more.

Mia Timotheou, who has been training with Harris for the past three years, said she saw huge changes in her body, even though her trainer was unapologetically demanding.

“Nothing is a bigger motivator than the fact it works,” Timotheou said. “He (Harris) tells you where you are, where you can improve and shows you how to maximize what you have.” After working with the kettle bell for only two years, Timotheou has lost several inches around her waist and feels “ridiculously stronger.”

As some people are concerned about working with just the kettle bells, Harris and his students think other wise.

Jon Weitzman, another student who has been training with Harris for the past three years, said, “I’m very excited about kettle bell. Working with Ari [Harris], you never know what you’re going to walk into.”

A key factor that Harris consistently emphasized is education in the field, since it takes more than just a seminar to know how to be a professional trainer.

“I take a lot of pride in my professional education,” Harris said. “People who don’t understand how to use the bells will get very frustrated and get bored very quickly if they don’t see the results.”

Pharaoh’s Fitness is expected to open within the next couple of weeks, and Harris already has a line of followers. “I definitely know quite a few people who are going,” Timotheou said. “He takes pride in what his students can do.”

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