Support The Fair Tax
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Dear Editor:

It is time to file my Federal Income Tax return. That means hours spent gathering information and working with tax software or a preparation service to guide me through the maze of regulations as I attempt to get back some of my money from the government. Help me put an end to this.

There is a bill before the U.S House Ways and Means Committee to replace the Income Tax, the Medicare Tax and the Social Security Tax with one national sales tax and abolish the IRS in the process.

These taxes will not be deducted from your paycheck and no tax return is required. You will keep the money you earn every payday.

Congress will not act on this bill unless we demand it. Local Congressman Joseph Crowley is a member of the Ways and Means Committee. Call (202) 225-3625 today and tell him to support HR25, The Fair Tax.


Irving B. Welchons III

Charlotte, NC

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Henry Salo
April 07, 2013
Irving B. Welchons: Taxes will not be deducted and no tax return is not required? That is a lie. This so called Fair Tax does not eliminate any state income taxes, still have to file by April 15th. It abolishes the name IRS but sets but 3 new Federal agencies in place of it. Irving , quit lying.
Irving Welchons
June 06, 2013
Mr. Salo,

My comments reference my federal tax return and a bill before the United States Congress. I did not address state taxes and therefore believe my comments to be accurate. I invite you to read the FAQ's at to learn more.
Jeffrey Locke
April 04, 2013
That Fairtax sounds AWESOME so please rally your

friends and CALL the Ways and Means Committee and

support this "choice" tax over, a confiscation model that

punishes productive behavior!

And how ingenious the "prebate" instead of loophole

ridden tax exemption/favor factory political fodder.

David Boone
April 05, 2013
Those of us who are familiar with the FairTax see it as a means to repair everything that is wrong with the income tax. In fact it is not being hyperbolic to say that without it, the country has no chance to survive the coming economic disaster.