Bryan Gordon, The Legal Credit Experts
by Andrew Shilling
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Almost everyone has experienced debt at one time or another.

Maybe you never knew you were mischarged for an outstanding electric bill, or maybe you never got a notice from a debt collector, but rebuilding a damaged credit report can be a difficult task.

Bryan Gordon, a consumer protection attorney at The Legal Credit Experts, located at 20 E. Sunrise Hwy. in Valley Stream, says the playing field can be tricky and collection agencies can sometimes become threatening when they set out to get what they want.

“People have a wide range of issues,” Gordon explained. “Credit issues don’t only affect the people who have no money, but they also effect the people who have a lot of money.”

Gordon said nearly 80 percent of credit reports show some kind of error that could potentially result in a lower credit score.

“It’s like doing your life insurance review, your financial planning review and meeting with your accountant once a year, you should be meeting with your credit advisor once a year,” he said. “You should take a proactive stance when it comes to your credit and not a reactive one.”

He said his company has helped dozens of clients regain control of a spiraling credit score.

In what is called the “360 degree credit consultation,” Gordon and his team provide a detailed credit analysis and audit of their client’s credit report, offer advice in an effort to optimize their score and examines court records in search of any outstanding or pending debt litigation.

“We work on a pay per deletion basis after our initial consultation,” he said. ”That way our clients are assured that we get them off as quickly as possible, and they only generate a bill when we get to the deletions of the report.”
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December 02, 2013
Credit Repair Fact-Most people believe that if you pay or settle an old collection account that it will help your credit. In actuality, it can do they exact opposite and reduce your score.

Have you asked yourself how can I fix my credit or have questions about what can be done to repair your credit?

Please feel free to leave a question regarding your credit or any collection activity or litigation against you and we will be more than happy to answer it.

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April 29, 2017
One little known fact about how to fix your credit is that if you pay an old collection account it can actually drop your score.

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