The only good plan
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Dear Editor:

Reusing the former LIRR Queens Rockaway Beach Line (RBL) for transportation is the best plan. It will reunite north and south Queens and decrease travel times and increase investments for everyone, especially the poor and middle-class areas that are underserved, excluded and separated from the American dream.

The QueensWay plan and the No Way QueensWay plans are exclusive and divide our borough. It also prevents development and investments in Queens. We need jobs and businesses for all the people so we can grow and help each other.

The QueensWay plan sounds good on the surface, but it will only benefit a few people and a small area of Queens. It’s the small plan while the transportation plan is the big plan, the most inclusive plan.

The reactivation of the RBL will expand the transit system, increase social and economic opportunities, and increase property values and tax revenues. As a rail line, the RBL will increase transit options, including faster travel times to work, home, school, shopping, recreation, dining, family visits, and doctor visits.

The RBL will decrease pollution, accidents, unemployment, crime and government dependence, reduce present and future overcrowding and unreliable buses, trains and roadways at a much, much greater level than the QueensWay plan.


Philip McManus


Queens Public Transit Committee

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January 25, 2014
Mr. Philip McManus I agree with you 100 percent !


;-) ;)

Sonia Lugo
December 12, 2013
With all due respect to Mr. McManus, how will a railway in residents backyards increase property value? Who would like to invest in a property knowing that a train is running in your backyard twenty four hours a day. Understanding the need of mass transit, the best idea is to link the RBL to the A train at Liberty Avenue or the LIRR at Atlantic Avenue.
Philip McManus
December 19, 2013
You refuse to accept the truth, neighbor. The RBL was taken from Queens over 50 and 63 years ago because of corrupt politics and narrow mindedness by a small group of powerful people.

Do you realize that this deception almost destroyed large sections of Queens and caused tremendous suffering for the people of Queens to this day.

Our cause is just and right and inclusive. Your cause continues to divide, separate, prevent development and excludes all the people including your local area from reducing travel times and increasing personal and economic opportunities. Your fear excludes and hurts everyone and prevents jobs, better education and improved quality of life. I respectfully disagree with your position. I beg you to reconsider and help your neighbors who used to have 40 or less minute rides to Manhattan and now must travel over 75 minutes to go to midtown Manhattan. This is a fact that some people refuse to acknowledge. We humbly request your help in seeking justice and reason.

We need the Queens Rockaway Beach Line to reduce overcrowded roadways, buses, and trains and to reduce commuting times and encourage prosperity for all.

Please help us.