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Dear Editor:

My letters seem to have perturbed and provoked some readers into a mean spirited frenzy of ad hominum attacks.

Some writers, in their effusive expressions of compassion for the poor and need for a coercive beneficent government, implied that my concern for personal freedoms and liberty conjured up spirits of Somalian warlords and proponents of slavery and child labor.

In their lexicon, compassion is defined as confiscation and redistribution of other peoples’ money. They assuage their guilt by vilifying those who do not embrace and succumb to their enforced benevolence. This is the height of arrogance and discourtesy, as well as a symptom of a mental disorder called “liberalism.”

An honest informed dispassionate examination of the inequities and injustices cited by the writers would reveal that the government, of which they are so enamored, instigated, created, regulated and even benefited from the policies and conditions they so abhor.

It would be futile to quote and reference the Constitution for reasons that are quite obvious. Rational debate is not possible in a world of the intellectually dishonest and uninformed.


Edward Konecnik


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