Vigilante vandal tags cars taking up too much space
by Chase Collum
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Vandal calls out bad parking jobs
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Just a few blocks from 104th Precinct Headquarters, some Glendale residents near the intersection of Myrtle Avenue and 70th Street woke up last Wednesday to find their not-so-perfect parking jobs had stirred the ire of a local vigilante vandal. “Hey scumbag park right!” read the scrawl on one car, while another read, “Learn to park sbag,” and a third similarly said, “Learn to park homo.” Officers from the 104th Precinct are still unsure who is behind the act, but believe that they may have security footage showing the perpetrator.

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January 30, 2015
I saw the first car (The Nissan Altima) and it was parked just fine.
C. Marriello
August 04, 2014
For your information the car in the picture was not taking up too much space when it was parked the night before. The media is making it sound like the car owners are to blame when in fact the vandal was venting his anger because he could not find a spot. This is a problem we all have but no one else resorts to this kind of insanity. By using headlines like yours you are glorifying what the vandal did and others are jumping on the band wagon to crucify the victims by saying they deserve what they got. Unless you actually saw how the cars where parked you have no right passing judgement.