Run, Bo, run!
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We sure hope Bo Dietl makes good on his promise to run against Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2017, not necessarily because he makes a solid candidate that can run this city, because he no doubt would be the most interesting candidate the Republicans could field in 2017.

Dietl, a Fox News contributor, gave a highly entertaining interview to host Don Imus on his morning show. For starters, Dietl repeatedly referred to de Blasio pejoratively as “Big Bird” throughout the interview, apparently poking fun at de Blasio's above-average stature.

“Hey Big Bird, I’m coming,” he promised. “I’m going to run against you,”

Dietl, who is also a former NYPD detective, did take de Blasio to task on some serious issues that have been facing the city as of late. For instance, he was incredibly critical of de Blasio for what he sees as kowtowing to protestors upset about the grand jury's decision in the Eric Garner case, referring to the marchers as “punks,” “rich little boys” and “anarchists.”

“If they’re not playing video games or playing with themselves, they’re marching around in circles out there,” Dietl said, adding that the mayor – or in his words “moron” - has divided the city along racial lines.

But he also steered into far-more-crazy territory, especially when it came to a new fence - a fence the Post reports the mayor never got proper building permits for - at Gracie Mansion, why he thinks it was built, and his reason for why the mayor has been noticeably tardy to events his first year in office.

Dietl accused the mayor of erecting the higher fence to conceal a...wait for it...marijuana habit!

“My problem is, why do you need this privacy? Doobie doobie do?” Dietl threw out there in an inspired accusation. “His wife is known to light the marijuana and that’s why he’s late all the time,”

No other Republican has announced their intention to run against de Blasio, but it's still early and we're sure someone from the GOP is going to throw their hat in the ring. Dietl may be prone to hyperbole, but few would argue that de Blasio hasn't been a divisive figure in city government since he took office.

He's thoroughly upset the head of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, Pat Lynch, for not being more outwardly supportive of police officers in the wake of the Garner decision; he's drawing a huge line in the sand with his crusade to rid Central Park of horse carriages; and his whole “progressive” agenda message has only gotten stronger since the campaign ended, and it tends to unnerve right-leaning voters.

And oh yeah, he's still got three more years to navigate.

All that said, Dietl would no doubt be a dark horse if he is indeed serious about challenging de Blasio in 2017, but we here at Pol Position assume it's all just the usual Fox News over-the-top rhetoric and headline grabbing and not a serious bid.

But Dietl insists he's been investigating a run, and should be able to raise significant funds in his estimation.

“I’m gonna get money from a lot of people who are sick and tired,” he said “Sick and tired of this nonsense.”

But far more important to us here at Pol Position than the nuts and bolts of running a solid campaign – the fundraising, hiring the right people to manage your campaign, your (yuck!) views on the important issues – is what Dietl hinted at during the interview.

“You know what, I have some skeletons in my closet,” he tantalizingly hinted. “Open up the closet, baby, let the skeletons fall out.”

Mr. Mayor, open up that closet!

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