After New Additions, Memo to Mets Sent…Time to Win
by John Jastremski
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I guess it’s fair to say the Mets do a better job of following my advice than the Yankees. It’s just too bad it took four-and-a-half months to fix one of the worst offenses in the league.

The Mets did just that last weekend with a couple of moves that were absolute no-brainers.

They acquired veterans Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson from the Atlanta Braves for minimal cost. Both of these players were exactly what I had in mind for bolstering the depth within the lineup.

Now, I hope nobody is expecting Derek Jeter or Robbie Alomar here.

Neither Uribe nor Johnson is a star player by any means, but they provide much needed professionalism to a lineup that simply needed the presence of Major League-quality players.

In addition to the veterans, the Mets finally decided it was time to call up top offensive prospect Michael Conforto from Double A to the Big Leagues.

The call up was about three weeks too late if you ask me, but hallelujah!

Sure enough, in this weekend’s series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, all three new additions played pivotal roles in victories both Saturday and Sunday.

In Saturday’s onslaught, Johnson homered and the rookie Conforto went 4-for-4.

On Sunday, Uribe sent the Citi Field faithful home happy with a walk-off single.

Amazing what a difference professional, legitimate major leaguers can make to a team.

I loved the message from Mets manager Terry Collins after these moves were made and it was rather simple: the players who hit will play; the players who do not will not. Case closed.

What a concept! A manager who has been unfairly under the gun in 2015 by some Mets fans actually has the ability to mix and match the lineup at times.

The roster presented to Collins before last Friday provided no depth and very little flexibility. These two simple moves provide both options to the manager and the Mets.

And yes, any sort of help is going to be much appreciated to a manager who had to run John Mayberry and Eric Campbell as his 4-5 hitters against the best pitcher in baseball in Clayton Kershaw.

Any talent or roster flexibility would help this current Mets team. All of these moves were just what the doctor ordered to fix the scoring woes.

The message should be loud and clear to many of the struggling offensive players throughout the Mets lineup, “Insert Met here, it’s time to step my game up or I’m going to be on the bench.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still think the Mets are another bat away from being a real serious contender here.

Mets GM Sandy Alderson should be working the phones doing everything in his power to try and add one more slugger.

However, after the moves last weekend plus Monday’s trade for reliever Tyler Clippard, the Mets provided something the fan base desperately needed to see.

A call to action.

The team is in a pennant race, help was an absolute necessity and at the very least this baseball team is much better off than what they were a week ago.

Step in the right direction certainly, but now it’s time to win.

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