Sorry, but we can't all be champions
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Well, once again the bigwigs in the editorial department here has egg all over their faces!

Last week, they made a great big deal about the Riders Alliance giving Queens Assemblywoman Nily Rozic its “Bus Champion” award. We quote from the lead: “It’s official: Assemblywoman Nily Rozic is the undisputed “Bus Champion” of New York City.”

Undisputed, eh?

Well, the ink was barely dry on that grand pronouncement before we noticed this subject line in our email:

Advisory: Riders Alliance to Present Sen. Martin Golden with "Bus Champion" Award

So it looks as if the assemblywoman isn't the “undisputed” Bus Champion of New York City, as she now has some competition from the borough of Brooklyn in State Senator Marty Golden.

Or does the Riders Alliance have a men's Bus Champion and a women's Bus Champion? Have they really given this a moment of thought, or are this group just going around bestowing the title of “champion” on whomever they feel?

And speaking of champions, last week Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney was given the Breastfeeding Champion award by the NYC Breastfeeding Leadership Council, but now we're left to wonder: just how many other Breastfeeding Champions are there out there?

Just how official are these designations, because we here at Pol Position take politicking very seriously and can't tolerate groups traipsing across the city declaring whatever elected official is catching their fancy at that particular moment a “champion” of something.

And just how do you challenge these titles? What if someone would like to challenge Maloney for her Breastfeeding Championship, who is overseeing this?

And is there a federal, state and city champion? So many questions left unanswered.

We think the government muckety-mucks and policy wonks need to get a handle on this before government goes the way of professional boxing with all sorts of federations and different titles to the point where no one knows who the real champions are.

It would be chaos!

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Pedro Valdez Rivera
August 16, 2015
As a Riders Alliance member, we find people who make a huge impact on their own constituents through the issue of public transportation, specifically in this case, demanding the MTA for better bus service in their own districts.

Disclaimer: The Riders Alliance is still at its infancy, since the summer of 2012; as of a result, there is still a learning process there.