Trump's rise
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Dear Editor:

Strangely, Donald Trump could win the presidential election. Sanders is scratching at the same rage felt by Republicans. The citizens of the nation have endured hardships from 2008 and face the future depressed and believe the American Dream is lost to them and their children.

Amazingly, Trump supporters are no different in their beliefs. Trump is a One-Percenter, but has grabbed the mantle of shining knight by framing his empowerment through using the system.

Trump promises to right the wrongs visited upon the common man while remaking the U.S. into a nation smiting any foolish enough to stand opposed.

The 2016 election for all of its wild expectations, tantrums and outrageous remarks will result in a president who is restricted in power as a result of unwilling political parties to compromise.

The nation faces severally trying times and the president could make certain things better, but will not end the threats of ISIS, declining GNP in the Eurozone and China, a nuclear Korea, bedlam in Syria or a Middle East ready to explode.

The future of America is in the hands of its people. So it was fighting out of the Depression when all hope was lost. The nation responded to the confidence of FDR.

America has and will always turn from fear to optimism. Americans will rally to any of the Candidates who offer hope while rejecting the doomsayers.


Ed Horn

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