Greenfield gets fake Twitter treatment
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UPDATE: On Tuesday, Twitter removed @DavidGreenfieId.

Who doesn't love a good fake Twitter account? Nothing like bringing a little (read “a lot”) of sarcasm to an issue, it really lightens everyone's mood or enrages's a fine line.

The latest (as far as we know) to fall victim to the fake Twitter account is south Brooklyn's own Councilman David Greenfield.

Greenfield thought he was doing a real solid for Brooklyn when he pushed for the MTA to bring back express service on the F train, shortening commutes for his constituents down on the Brooklyn shore, which he technically was – for them.

And last week when it was announced that the MTA would do just that, Greenfield perhaps thought that the entire borough would celebrate his victory with him, hosting him on their shoulders and erecting statues of him in F stations across Brooklyn declaring him “Deliverer of the Express.”

That was until everyone found out that if you weren't living in south Brooklyn, but also rely on the F train to get to and fro Manhattan you would actually have your commute times increased.

Yes, while you wait an extra five minutes or more at grey and dark stations in Carroll Gardens or Park Slope, subway cars loaded with south Brooklyn residents will whip past you on their speedy way to Manhattan.

The elected officials representing those areas of Brooklyn reacted with a joint statement expressing their disappointment at the news that the new service would negatively impact other commuters, while social media reacted the only way it knows how: a fake Twitter account in @NYCGreenfieId. (The next-to-last letter is a capital “i” instead of a lower-case “l.”)

The biography reads “Father. Husband. Neighbor. Member of the @NYCCouncil & Chair of Committee on Land Use. Screwing 52% of Brooklyn for my own political gain.”

Some of our favorite sample posts:

• “This morning I rode the F to Bergen St and then held the doors open for 45 minutes. #ProductiveSaturdays

• In Council tomorrow, I will introduce legislation to make North Brooklynites move to South Brooklyn, ride the F Express. #ProblemSolved

• To walk through the streets of South Brooklyn is to know despair in the way few people since Job have ever known. #DesolateWasteland

• As a kid my favorite Sat morning show was Thomas the Tank Engine! I had a toy Thomas I would tie weights to to make him slower! #Fexpress

• Not sure why people are mad about F express. Spend that extra time on subway platform posting cool selfies to Insta, you hipsters!

Several Greenfield supporters or just Twitter purists contacted the social media company requesting it take down the account because it is not immediately clear that it is a parody (see the bio), but it was still active on Tuesday morning, although not getting a whole lot of followers.

However, it looks like an F express train isn't the done deal that Greenfield had initially thought, as the MTA began to walk back their promise of an express train shortly after the uproar.

Stay tuned, or instead just tune out with the Greenfield fake Twitter account.
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